[pskmail] Re: PskMail Monitor v.1.5

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 09:50:24 -0000

Re: PskMail Monitor v.1.5Sorry. if the desktop version don't have the httpd 
server installed you must install it, because the package will create a web 
page in your system.
Probably the server version of ubuntu install it by default.



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  Hi Alan, thanks for your email.
  It is not necessary to install a server version of Ubuntu, you must only have 
installed a server version of PskMail; every linux distribution is ok.
  Download the last version 1.6, see the INSTALL file and run "./install.sh".

  Best 73

  Roberto IS0GRB

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      I am interested in setting up PskMail server monitor on my PSKmail 
    I currently have a desktop version of Ubuntu installed.  Would I need to 
install the server version of Ubuntu for PskMail monitor or can I just run a 
server daemon?   

       Fred, sorry to hear about the lightning damage. Hope to see you on the 
air again soon.  
    Alan KD4QCL 

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