[pskmail] Re: Prorocol extension fro DTN Networking

  • From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 05:22:06 +1000

Hi Rein,

That solution for the server worked fine here :)


First test result of the new protocol 1:

I have attached the summarised log.

Test 1: Connect, do a READZIP 3, press abort at about 95%, reconnect
and the client requests the full file again, then connection times out
at approx 75%, shut down the client.

Test 2: restart client after a few hours, reconnect and the client
requests remaining 25% and receives it ok.

So can it be that if we stop the transaction by an abort it forgets
the partial download?

Unfortunately I didn't check the pending directory in-between to see
if did store the partial file or not.

But in my opinion it should keep the file no matter which way we
disconnect. The link aspect should be independent of the resume.

Also, what to do if we do not want the file to be sent, e.g. if we are
on a slow link and don't want the file because it is too big? In the
past we would disconnect and reconnect which was not ideal but

One option could be to have a popup dialog "Do you want to resume or
cancel?" when the server proposes a document AND we have part of that

This would happen only at connect time so I would expect the operator
to be present then.

Additionally we could have an option: "Always auto-resume" in the
preferences and, if not selected, we present the popup in the
conditions above. Otherwise we always resume.

Great work Rein, this is a great addition and opens  lot of doors for
other applications.

Will test more today if I can.



On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 3:01 AM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My assumption was right :)
> If you change line 42 in rflinkserver.pl to 'require File::Temp;' and 
> reinstall (./install.sh) the warnings go away.
> I will update the archive tomorrow morning..
> Rein
TX (2010-09-18 06:00Z): <SOH>10cVK2ETA:1024 VK2ETA-1:24 698D7<EOT>

RX (2010-09-18 06:01Z): <US><SOH>0!!
RX (2010-09-18 06:01Z): VK2ETA-1 Pskmail_server 1.0.21-6:01:5-IL1M3>

TX (2010-09-18 06:03Z): <SOH>0!#~READZIP 3
TX (2010-09-18 06:03Z): AA6E<SOH><SOH>z!s#((CD42<EOT>

RX (2010-09-18 06:04Z): -<US><SOH>0!)>FM:VK2ETA-1:VK2ETA:j2p3uc:m: 
RX (2010-09-18 06:04Z): 
95% of file received in between here
RX (2010-09-18 06:08Z): 

----------client sends abort --------------

TX (2010-09-18 06:08Z): <SOH>0!aB7D9<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 06:08Z):     
TX (2010-09-18 06:08Z): <SOH>0!aB7D9<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 06:08Z):     

TX (2010-09-18 06:09Z): <SOH>0!aB7D9<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 06:09Z):     

----------reconnect after abort -------------

TX (2010-09-18 06:10Z): <SOH>10cVK2ETA:1024 VK2ETA-1:24 59997<EOT>

RX (2010-09-18 06:10Z): <US><SOH>1"kVK2ETA-1:24 VK2ETA:1024 519F4<SOH>5"s   

TX (2010-09-18 06:10Z): <SOH>z"s   CBF0<EOT>

RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): <US><SOH>0"!
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): VK2ETA-1 Pskmail_server 
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): >FO5:VK2ETA-1:V4B28<SOH>0"#K2ETA:j2p3uc:m: :3097
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): 1882<SOH>5"s#  F40E<EOT>

---------Here client request same document from 0 -----------

TX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): <SOH>0"!~FY:j2p3uc:0
TX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): 093F<SOH><SOH>y"s!##C9E1<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 06:11Z):     

RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): ;  nRtruneRx @ 
tn<US><SOH>0"$>FM:VK2ETA-1:VK2ETA:j2p3uc:m: :39587<SOH>0"%097
RX (2010-09-18 06:11Z): 
--------------reception of about 75% of file then drop out (server time out)

--------------system is shut down for a few hours -------

--------------reconnect to server ----------------

TX (2010-09-18 11:05Z): <STX><SOH>10cVK2ETA:1024 VK2ETA-1:24 45956<EOT>
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): <SOH>0%!
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): VK2ETA-1 Pskmail_server 
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): >FO5:VK2ETA-1:V39BE<SOH>0%#K2ETA:j2p3uc:m: :3097
RX (2010-09-18 11:06Z): 3214<SOH>5%s#  34BB<EOT>
RX (2010-09-18 11:07Z): -<EOT>

----here cient request partial resend ----------

TX (2010-09-18 11:07Z): <SOH>0%!~FY:j2p3uc:2002
TX (2010-09-18 11:07Z): 5967<SOH><SOH>z%s!##3A54<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 11:07Z):     

RX (2010-09-18 11:07Z): <US><SOH>0%$>FM:VK2ETA-1:VK2ETA:j2p3uc:m: 
RX (2010-09-18 11:08Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 11:08Z): 0y6VFF4v8Lbg7dGnW/ha0aa0nm38948<SOH>0%
------receive file here
RX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): 
RX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): -end-
RX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): 3216<SOH>6%sD!!88CA<EOT>
RX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): takaTaTaY

---------client acks receipt -----------

TX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): <SOH>0%"~FA:j2p3uc
TX (2010-09-18 11:11Z): 41C1<SOH><SOH>z%s"DDE0CF<EOT>
TX (2010-09-18 11:11Z):     

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