[pskmail] Problems on latest Live CD release

  • From: Sérgio Matias <sergio.matias@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 11:57:42 -0000


I've tested the latest live CD release based on Puppy 4.1.2, but I'm
experiencing some problems.
fldigi is working ok, but pskmail not. The only operation that I can make is
send the Position. The Connect function in all the available modes is not
I have deleted all the configuration files and start again from the
beginning but doesn't go.
Looking to the terminal window, I can't see anything abnormal (hint: I had
to create the ~/.pskmail/debug file manually, as I could not do it from the

To compare, I have also running Ubuntu 8.10 on a virtual machine and I did
the client installation procedure as described on the Wiki; downloaded
fldigi, installed missing libraries, downloaded pskmail client, installed
together with the missing libraries.
In Ubuntu, it's working as it should, but on Puppy not.

Do you have any clue of what can be missing?
I digged into the Perl files but couldn't find until now anything that

So, to resume:

- pskmail 1.1 + fldigi 3.10 works OK on Ubuntu 8.10 (virtual machine) using
installation procedure from Wiki
- pskmail 1.1 + fldigi 3.10 doesn't work on Puppy 4.1.2 (tested on two
different machines using latest Live CD)

Best regards,

Sérgio Matias, CT1HMN

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