[pskmail] Re: Packages

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 11:52:49 +0200

Hmm..., you getting closer :) There are, however, still some problems.
These would not exist if you would use the install scripts, as they take care 
everything goes into the right place. The new 'update_server' script is going 
far in this respect. Maybe it helps if I explain what it does:

* Download a file 'server_version' 
* Look at the version that is currently installed
* If they differ, download the new archive (the current one is 0.7.4)
* untar the archive
* make a copy of the existing ~/.pskmail/pskmailrc.pl and 
* copy the new executables to /usr/local/bin and 
* remove ~/.pskmail
* make a new ~/.pskmail and copy the relevant files into it
* restore the old pskmailrc.pl and freqs.txt files

All this is done automatically by the upate_serfer script.
You see it is intended to take all the work off your hands :)
Version 0.7.4 includes bug fixes for the errors you found until now.

Anyway, I think we should try to get the update_server script to work so we 
don't have to bother 
anymore.... Having said that, please try it. It may help to change the paths 
pskmailrc.pl so they 
are te same as in the pristine copy available in the archive (all paths should 
start with $ENV{HOME}/.psmail/). 

Now the comments to the mail below:
* aprslog is automatically touched (~/.pskmail/aprslog)
* instead of changing the path to the freqs.txt file you should put it where it 
in ~/.pskmail/qrg/freqs.txt
* as pskmail_server is in /usr/local/bin you do not have to use sudo to run it. 
In fact, it only presents new problems as the files made by the server will now 
be made as root, 
which will generate lots of errors as soon as the server wants to write on them 
in user mode...
* the hamlib error can be solved by giving rigctl the right parameters in 

Most of these problems should be over as soon as you use the install script or 
update_server program. (I hope).

This is a bit of a nuisance, but the world will be a much better place as soon 
as we've got this running :)


Rein PA0R

(the problem is, of course I don't get these errors on my system, so we need 
you to find them!)

> I am getting close now.
> Here are a couple of things I had to change,
> Needed to create an empty file aprslog in the pskmail_server-0.7.2
> directory.
> Also in order to get rid of an error reading the file containing the
> scanning frequencies, I had to change lines 124 and 1964 in
> rflinkserver.pl before installing from 
> ".../.pskmail/grp/freqs.txt" to "..../grp/freqs.txt"
> Also when starting the server with the call "pskmail_server" I had to
> add sudo to get the correct permissions.
> I say I am getting close since I am still getting an error with rig
> control through hamlib.  Terminal output as follows:
>   ### Server v. Pskmail v.0.7. (C) 2008 PA0R
> 03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Program start
> 03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Connected to netherlands.aprs2.net
> 3842.73NP07705.88W&PSKmailserver-0.7.2
> 1
> 03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Listening to the radio
> Use of uninitialized value in addition (+)
> at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 2000.
> Use of uninitialized value in sprintf
> at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/arq.pm line 3281.
> Use of uninitialized value in print
> at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 2066.
> rigctl: invalid option -- 5
> Freq set error?
> Usage: rigctl [OPTION]... [COMMAND]...
> Send COMMANDs to a connected radio transceiver or receiver.
>   -m, --model=ID             select radio model number. See model list
>   -r, --rig-file=DEVICE      set device of the radio to operate on
>   -p, --ptt-file=DEVICE      set device of the PTT device to operate on
>   -d, --dcd-file=DEVICE      set device of the DCD device to operate on
>   -P, --ptt-type=TYPE        set type of the PTT device to operate on
>   -D, --dcd-type=TYPE        set type of the DCD device to operate on
>   -s, --serial-speed=BAUD    set serial speed of the serial port
>   -c, --civaddr=ID           set CI-V address, decimal (for Icom rigs
> only)
>   -C, --set-conf=PARM=VAL    set config parameters
>   -L, --show-conf            list all config parameters
>   -l, --list                 list all model numbers and exit
>   -u, --dump-caps            dump capabilities and exit
>   -o, --vfo                  do not default to VFO_CURR, require extra
> vfo arg
>   -v, --verbose              set verbose mode, cumulative
>   -h, --help                 display this help and exit
>   -V, --version              output version information and exit
> Commands (may not be available for this rig):
> F: set_freq        (Frequency)        f: get_freq        ()   
> M: set_mode        (Mode,Passband)    m: get_mode        ()   
> I: set_split_freq  (Tx frequency)     i: get_split_freq  ()   
> X: set_split_mode  (Mode,Passband)    x: get_split_mode  ()   
> S: set_split_vfo   (Split mode,TxVFO)         s: get_split_vfo   ()   
> N: set_ts          (Tuning step)      n: get_ts          ()   
> L: set_level       (Level,Value)      l: get_level       (Level)      
> U: set_func        (Func,Func status)         u: get_func        (Func)       
> P: set_parm        (Parm,Value)       p: get_parm        (Parm)       
> G: vfo_op          (Mem/VFO op)       g: scan            (Scan
> fct,Channel)  
> A: set_trn         (Transceive)       a: get_trn         ()   
> R: set_rptr_shift  (Rptr shift)       r: get_rptr_shift  ()   
> O: set_rptr_offs   (Rptr offset)      o: get_rptr_offs   ()   
> C: set_ctcss_tone  (CTCSS tone)       c: get_ctcss_tone  ()   
> D: set_dcs_code    (DCS code)         d: get_dcs_code    ()   
> V: set_vfo         (VFO)      v: get_vfo         ()   
> T: set_ptt         (PTT)      t: get_ptt         ()   
> E: set_mem         (Memory#)          e: get_mem         ()   
> H: set_channel     (Channel)          h: get_channel     (Channel)    
> B: set_bank        (Bank)     _: get_info        ()   
> J: set_rit         (RIT)      j: get_rit         ()   
> Z: set_xit         (XIT)      z: get_xit         ()   
> Y: set_ant         (Antenna)          y: get_ant         ()   
> ?: set_powerstat   (Status)   ?: get_powerstat   ()   
> *: reset           (Reset)    2: power2mW        ()   
> w: send_cmd        (Cmd)      1: dump_caps       ()   
> b: send_morse      (Morse)    
> Report bugs to <hamlib-developer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
> 73 Alan    
> > 
> > 


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