[pskmail] Re: Packages

  • From: Alan <akepple@xxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 00:02:29 -0400

I am getting close now.
Here are a couple of things I had to change,
Needed to create an empty file aprslog in the pskmail_server-0.7.2
Also in order to get rid of an error reading the file containing the
scanning frequencies, I had to change lines 124 and 1964 in
rflinkserver.pl before installing from 
".../.pskmail/grp/freqs.txt" to "..../grp/freqs.txt"

Also when starting the server with the call "pskmail_server" I had to
add sudo to get the correct permissions.

I say I am getting close since I am still getting an error with rig
control through hamlib.  Terminal output as follows:

  ### Server v. Pskmail v.0.7. (C) 2008 PA0R
03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Program start
03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Connected to netherlands.aprs2.net
03:51 UTC May-5-2008: Listening to the radio
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+)
at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 2000.
Use of uninitialized value in sprintf
at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/arq.pm line 3281.
Use of uninitialized value in print
at /usr/local/share/pskmail_server/rflinkserver.pl line 2066.
rigctl: invalid option -- 5
Freq set error?

Usage: rigctl [OPTION]... [COMMAND]...
Send COMMANDs to a connected radio transceiver or receiver.

  -m, --model=ID             select radio model number. See model list
  -r, --rig-file=DEVICE      set device of the radio to operate on
  -p, --ptt-file=DEVICE      set device of the PTT device to operate on
  -d, --dcd-file=DEVICE      set device of the DCD device to operate on
  -P, --ptt-type=TYPE        set type of the PTT device to operate on
  -D, --dcd-type=TYPE        set type of the DCD device to operate on
  -s, --serial-speed=BAUD    set serial speed of the serial port
  -c, --civaddr=ID           set CI-V address, decimal (for Icom rigs
  -C, --set-conf=PARM=VAL    set config parameters
  -L, --show-conf            list all config parameters
  -l, --list                 list all model numbers and exit
  -u, --dump-caps            dump capabilities and exit
  -o, --vfo                  do not default to VFO_CURR, require extra
vfo arg
  -v, --verbose              set verbose mode, cumulative
  -h, --help                 display this help and exit
  -V, --version              output version information and exit

Commands (may not be available for this rig):
F: set_freq        (Frequency)          f: get_freq        ()   
M: set_mode        (Mode,Passband)      m: get_mode        ()   
I: set_split_freq  (Tx frequency)       i: get_split_freq  ()   
X: set_split_mode  (Mode,Passband)      x: get_split_mode  ()   
S: set_split_vfo   (Split mode,TxVFO)   s: get_split_vfo   ()   
N: set_ts          (Tuning step)        n: get_ts          ()   
L: set_level       (Level,Value)        l: get_level       (Level)      
U: set_func        (Func,Func status)   u: get_func        (Func)       
P: set_parm        (Parm,Value)         p: get_parm        (Parm)       
G: vfo_op          (Mem/VFO op)         g: scan            (Scan
A: set_trn         (Transceive)         a: get_trn         ()   
R: set_rptr_shift  (Rptr shift)         r: get_rptr_shift  ()   
O: set_rptr_offs   (Rptr offset)        o: get_rptr_offs   ()   
C: set_ctcss_tone  (CTCSS tone)         c: get_ctcss_tone  ()   
D: set_dcs_code    (DCS code)   d: get_dcs_code    ()   
V: set_vfo         (VFO)        v: get_vfo         ()   
T: set_ptt         (PTT)        t: get_ptt         ()   
E: set_mem         (Memory#)    e: get_mem         ()   
H: set_channel     (Channel)    h: get_channel     (Channel)    
B: set_bank        (Bank)       _: get_info        ()   
J: set_rit         (RIT)        j: get_rit         ()   
Z: set_xit         (XIT)        z: get_xit         ()   
Y: set_ant         (Antenna)    y: get_ant         ()   
?: set_powerstat   (Status)     ?: get_powerstat   ()   
*: reset           (Reset)      2: power2mW        ()   
w: send_cmd        (Cmd)        1: dump_caps       ()   
b: send_morse      (Morse)      
Report bugs to <hamlib-developer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
73 Alan    


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