[pskmail] PSKmail and TransArctic expedition

  • From: Rolf DL0IMA <dl0ima@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 10:44:08 +0100

Dear Rolf, DK4XI

I'm Oleg (UA3ATS/KK5NT), a head of radio communication of Around-Arctic expedition 
"Polar Ring" (http://www.ec-arctic.ru/eng/pr/). The expedition usually uses 
R3CA call-sign on the route (R3CA/0, R3CA/9, R3CA/m, etc.).

During our last journey in spring 2007, we extensively used APRS technique (as 
R3CA-7) in order to bring our position and hot information to HAM radio society 
as well as Internet users over the expedition web-site. The main parking 
frequency was around 14.103 MHz (European APRS network). However, our APRS 
activity in 2007 showed that such a common approach is completely unavailable 
for our case. In addition to the weaknesses of AX.25 protocol, we got a lot of 
transmitted stations just on the frequency (as a DIGIs, GATEs of anyhow+). So, 
less than 10% of our spots were captured by APRS stations and even less - 
forwarded to the Internet+

Here, let me say - we thank you kindly for your valuable help: as far as I 
know, a lot of our APRS spots were captured and forwarded to the Internet 
namely by your control station DL0IMA. Thanks again, Rolf!

Now, we are working hard under the upcoming expedition in spring 2009. Our main 
goal - the crossing of Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada over the North Pole 
using the special cross-country vehicles on extra-low-pressure tires.

Thus, currently I analyze different ways to use APRS and e-mail facilities in 
that expedition. A very long path (more than 2000-3000 km) and relatively weak 
signals (RIG 100W, ANT GP 2,5m on the roof of the vehicle) force us to seek for 
a robust narrow-band modulation and respective control stations. Your PSKmail 
system and PSK activity in general seem to be the most promising ways here. Our 
route will go through the drifting-ice of central Arctic, so, from this 
viewpoint, our vehicles looks like a Yacht in the Ocean, hi!

So, I would ask you about possibility of our mutual collaboration in APRS and 
e-mail communication during the upcoming TransArctic expedition of 2009.




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www.pskmail.de  www.pskmail.eu

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