[pskmail] PSKMAIL Server Live CD Beta

  • From: radioral@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 01:17:33 -0400

 I had sucess today hearing the PSKMAIL beacon on 20 meters. I was
listening during lunch in my car at 1602 UTC and could just make out
the 1000 hz tone by ear ( I did not have a laptop in the car). Judging
by my experience with PSK I think the PC would have decoded text.
Signal was in the noise but audible. I will try from home this weekend
and see if I can copy text.

 I have tried the Live CD for the Server on a Dell 2.8 Gig (boots up-
has sound) and a Thinkpad 600E ( Boots up- No sound). Now I have to try
and configure the server (I better read those instructions!).  I am
still working on the sound issue with the laptops (haven't given up
yet) but I would like to ask something if I could.

 Is it possible to issue an ISO of the PSKLIVE Client and PSKLIVE
Server that can install? I notice Mandriva free has the "install" icon
on the desktop but both PSKMAIL CD's do not. The reason I ask, is in
trying to fix the Laptop sound issue I am customizing and changing
soundcard settings. If I have to power down the laptop I lose them all
and have to start over. Also, some of the laptops and PC's I am testing
on have limited memory so the PC reads from the CD often and this slows
the action of the Program.

 I realize that a Linux install could mess up a persons Windows
install but as I have PC's dedicated for linux at this point thats not
a problem.

 Is this possible?

 73 Bob  WD8QLY

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