[pskmail] Re: PSK500 and PSK1000 (Fldigi and Pskmail server)

  • From: "Roberto Abis" <is0grb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 13:40:36 +0200

I agree.
I will be on 10148.5 today and tomorrow for tests connections with psk500 on 
Active from now.


Roberto IS0GRB

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  Subject: [pskmail] Re: PSK500 and PSK1000 (Fldigi and Pskmail server)

  I suggest keeping 10148.00 clear for APRS traffic, and doing multimode 
experiments on 

  PI4TUE is on 10148.50 for testing.


  Rein PA0R

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  > Betreff: [pskmail] PSK500 and PSK1000 (Fldigi and Pskmail server)

  Hi to all.
  > I have modified the fldigi 3.11 for psk500 and psk1000 for tests.
  > The psk500 is good for a 500Hz filter on HF and improve speed and 
  > psk1000 good to test in vhf, where the channel is too large, i think 
  > is also possibile to add psk2000...
  > I have also modified the last version of the pskmail-server-0.9.10 
  > for delays and support for psk500 and psk1000.
  > The fldigi is only for linux but we hope the W1HKJ will add this 
  > modes in the last version of fldigi; in this way will be possible to 
  > test psk500 and psk1000 also from windows pc using fldigi for windows 
  > and improve speed of pskmail network.
  > You can get for test the compiled fldigi3.11 for psk500-psk1000 from:
  > http://www.pskmail.it/mirror/pskmail_monitor/fldigi3.11-psk500-
  > psk1000/fldigi3.11-psk500-psk1000
  > You can get source for this fldigi3.11-psk500-psk1000 and compile it 
  > from:
  > http://www.pskmail.it/mirror/pskmail_monitor/fldigi3.11-psk500-
  > psk1000/fldigi-3.11_psk500_psk1000.tar.gz
  > You can get the pskmail-server-0.9.10 with psk500/psk1000 support 
  > from:
  > http://www.pskmail.it/mirror/pskmail_monitor/pskmail_server-0.9.10-
  > psk500-psk1000/pskmail_server-0.9.10-psk500-psk1000.tar.gz
  > is0grb-3 now have this fldigi3.11 patched and RSID and new server 
  > running so you can connect the server in all modes, also in psk500 
  > and psk1000, it recognize automally the modes
  > Ideas area appreciated
  > Best 73
  > Roberto IS0GRB


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