[pskmail] PSK500 and PSK1000 (Fldigi and Pskmail server)

  • From: "Roberto Abis" <is0grb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 12:40:52 +0200

Hi to all.
I have modified the fldigi 3.11 for psk500 and psk1000 for tests.
The psk500 is good for a 500Hz filter on HF and improve speed and psk1000 good 
to test in vhf, where the channel is too large, i think is also possibile to 
add psk2000...
I have also modified the last version of the pskmail-server-0.9.10 for delays 
and support for psk500 and psk1000.
The fldigi is only for linux but we hope the W1HKJ will add this modes in the 
last version of fldigi; in this way will be possible to test psk500 and psk1000 
also from windows pc using fldigi for windows and improve speed of pskmail 

You can get for test the compiled fldigi3.11 for psk500-psk1000 from:


You can get source for this fldigi3.11-psk500-psk1000 and compile it from:


You can get the pskmail-server-0.9.10 with psk500/psk1000 support from:


is0grb-3 now have this fldigi3.11 patched and RSID and new server running so 
you can connect the server in all modes, also in psk500 and psk1000, it 
recognize automally the modes
Ideas area appreciated

Best 73

Roberto IS0GRB

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