[pskmail] Re: Odd JPSKMail and FLDigi issue

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 18:00:35 -0600

Also, if I disable the CAT control, no error in Fldigi is generated.....

Corrupt XML file?

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     Uninstalled 3.12.5 and deleted the files you recommended. Installed 
3.13BH. Reconfigured Fldigi and it came up just fine. Once I started JPSKMail, 
the infamous "Fast Light Digital Modem Application has encountered a problem 
and needs to close." This happened twice. I restarted both JPSKMail and Fldigi 
and as soon as JPSKMail starts, the error is generated.

Also, when restarting Fldigi, I get a hamlib_init: IO error.

I also tried Rigcat and the error is: "W: rigcat_getfreq:Retries failed"

This seems to be a radio control problem, not PSKmail...




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Subject: [pskmail] Re: Odd JPSKMail and FLDigi issue

Hi Mike,

I strongly suspect that 3.12.5 still has an issue that is fixed in
3.13 alphas: it locks up when one command string is sent before the
previous one is completely processed.

And in the new versions of jpskmail we do a lot of that with RSID
switching and data strings sent one after the other very rapidly.

So if we could get your 3.13 version working under XP Pro (which I
have here and it is working fine), that would fix your problem.

May I suggest, if you haven't tried before, that after you install
3.13BH or later, can you try to delete the files below before you run
the program so that the configuration is started from fresh again. I
noticed that this is the cause of a lot of issues when upgrading.


C:\Documents and settings\<your_login_name>\fldigi.files\fldigi.prefs


C:\Documents and settings\<your_login_name>\fldigi.files\fldigi_def.xml

Alternatively just delete the whole fldigi.files directory, but that
would remove any customized macros you stored before.



On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:13 AM, Decossas, Michael <Mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
>       I have noticed this before, but haven't sent this to the list yet...
> Running Fldigi 3.12.5 (can't get 13 to run without generating exceptions on
> XP Pro) and JPSKMail
> I just connected to NC5O. I went ot update my records and JPSKMail shows a
> transmit, but Fldigi never sent the data. Kind of like Fldigi is ignoring
> JPSKMail...
> Anyone ever see this before?
> Thanks,
> Mike-KB5OZE

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