[pskmail] OT Digimodes for Android

  • From: F4DLM <jimi.f4dlm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 16:50:58 +0100

Hi folks,

I'm sure this idea has crossed someones mind before. When I'm on vacation
in the French Alps, I love to take my QRP station to do a bit of SOTA
activity. I tried more or less successfully to do some PSK in
these occasions. For many reasons I won't bother you with, I have (nearly)
given up using a netbook for this. Since a lot of us already have a
smartphone in our pockets, I thought it would be nice to be able to use one
to do so.

A search on the Internet has given very few answers. As far as I know,
Fldigi hasn't been converted to Android, and the only available products
are DroidPSK, RTTY and SSTV, all three from Wolphi Solutions, very limited
in the range of possible modes, and not free to begin with.

I know John VK2ETA has converted PSKmail to the Android platform. If I were
to go for it, I'd be frustrated to be only able to send emails. Please
don't shout at me. I know this is a wonderful improvement over basic
digimode operation. But sometimes sophisticated operation, such as
emailing/APRS/web over the HF is not enough. John told me "In AndPskmail
the modems are there for PSK, MFSK and THOR but there is no keyboard to
keyboard screen/page and no macros. If someone had the time to do a bit of
Java programming, it would not be that difficult to add."

I don't know the first word of programming in Java, or whatever programming
language. Is there anybody reading these lines who'd be tempted by the

I'm not sure whether the best path is to convert Fldigi to Android or add
something to AndPskmail, but I'm quite sure it would be nice to have
such software on my next Android smartphone/tablet.

73 de Jimi F4DLM

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