[pskmail] OH0 and pskmail

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  • Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 18:18:46 CST

PSKmail message from rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx
In Sandoe (OH0) we were on a camp site with overland mains. 
The noise on all bands except 30m was S7-9. Experiments on 80m with SM0RWO near 
Stockholm failed because of the high noise level (the server was solid S8). 
Servers on 30 meters were S3 at best, no email transfer was possible, even the 
bulletins from DK4XI were unreadable 80% of the time.

At the moment we are parking at the Hollviken marina, overlooking the baltic to 
the south, the water is 10 meters away. This is some 400 km more south. 

I just downloaded 14 emails, got the latest twitter updates, sent 4 emails and 
3 tweets, downloaded the wx forecast, the list of camp sites and server 
frequencies, and got the grib file for the next 3 days centered on my present 

Looks like distance and location is a BIG factor in pskmail, and all those 
discussions about the quality of PSK250 seem academical...

This is RADIO after all....


Rein SM/PA0R/M
(via pskmail)

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