[pskmail] Re: New stuff on PSKMaildownloads... (pskmail_server version 2.1.n)

  • From: Larry Levesque <ka1vgm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 06:58:10 -0400

So this begs the question,

When you start it via the terminal whree is it starting from?

Type:  which fldigi

This should show where fldigi starts from when you type fldigi at the
terminal prompt.

Is it starting from a different location than when starting from
pskmail_server and as you put it xterm?

Explain the difference between terminal and xterm..

On 10/20/2013 04:20 AM, Franz Rohrauer wrote:
> Rein,
> tnx for mail. My experience in installing and running pskmail_server
> 2.1.n:
> Installation-procedure: works well
> Fldigi: 
> - works without crashes, when started via terminal (NOT xterm!!!)
> - crashes on tx (transmitting qsl-message, beacon-signal, ...), when it
> had been started via xterm (both modes: 'normal' and 'waterfall-only').
> So it crashes also, when it had been started via 'pskmail_server'.
> So I start fldigi as well as rflinkserver via terminal and the server is
> running without any problems!
> 73, 55 de
> franz, oe5rtl
> Am Samstag, den 19.10.2013, 16:16 +0200 schrieb Rein Couperus:
>> Server 2.1.n:
>> * Bug fix for timing...
>> * Added multicast AMP2 protocol, The servers can set the number of
>> required repeats in the config file...
>> * Added "startpskmail" to /usr/local/bin
>> * Also added an installer for the newbies...
>> Client V1:
>> * Removed multicarrier modes from the GUI.
>> Client V2
>> * Several bug fixes, including printing of APRS messages to the APRS
>> Tab
>> * Added possibility to send a bulletin to the server for multicast
>> distribution,
>> the server will send it after you disconnect. Pse use this feature
>> only when 
>> appropriate, as a multicast transmission will block the frequency for
>> other stations.
>> Fldigi 3.21.76 (the tgz.bin version)
>> As I did not get any test reports on the multicarrier modes, I decided
>> to drop them 
>> for the time being. The multicarrier modes offer a significant
>> improvement under multipath conditions,  
>> but there has been little interest from our users. Moreover, the fact
>> that multicarrier modes need 2x RSID
>> sort of spoils the fun, which meant that we needed a special version
>> of fldigi for it.
>> So we are back to PSK, PSKxxxR, MFSK and THOR.
>> This means you can use the standard Fldigi-3.21.76 (highly
>> recommended) for 
>> server and V1 client. The puppy version on the download page of fldigi
>> is now 
>> the right one, it used to be 3.21.71... Fldigi-3.21.76 has been tested
>> extensively, and 
>> we have exterminated most of the bugs leading to a crash. At PI4TUE we
>> have only 1 crash 
>> every 2 weeks now.
>> I propose to declare these versions stable after a beta test period,
>> of maybe 4 weeks... that 
>> should be enough to get the last bugs out. I have used the above
>> versions extensively, 
>> so we should be pretty close to a stable release. 
>> I see the V2 client as most promising for the future, so maybe we can
>> focus on that.
>> In my view the V1 client is also still interesting, for those cases
>> where the modem runs on 
>> a remote machine. The separate V2 modem can also be used for that
>> purpose.
>> Comments are welcome...
>> 73,
>> Rein PA0R
>> --

*Larry Levesque*

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