[pskmail] New releases for client and server are out.

  • From: Rein Couperus PA0R <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskMail mailing list <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:03:34 +0200


I have committed new archives to the download site:

The release incorporates all changes available in the latest snapshot.

The archives are:

New functions, supported by both client and server are:

* QSL for unproto (APRS) messages (port 26)
The APRS message and posit functions are sent in unconnected mode, which
does not require acknowledgment from the server. This can become a
nuisance, e.g. if you send a posit beacon manually before closing down
the station, and you want to be sure the message has reached the server.
For this  purpose the server now sends a simple 'QSL' message as soon as
it has received a valid message (verifies by the CRC). It also comes in
handy when you use the APRS messaging service. It can take quite long
before a message is acknowledged by the peer. You have no idea what the
channel on the other end is like, it may be an HF channel, a VHF
long-haul or even a contact via ISS!!. The 'QSL' prevents that you have
to repeat the message blindly...

* Upload of user data record to the server via radio channel
You are somewhere in the desert, with no internet connection, the time
is 3:30 AM and the only pskmail server you can reach is PA0N, which does
not have your user data. Until now it was impossible to connect through
to the internet without calling PA0N on the telephone and ask him to put
your data into the data base. 
>From now on it is DIY. The new client has a form where you can keep your
own data, and a menu item for sending your data to the server. 
(Edit->mail options, Edit->update server)
This happens in connected mode, so you can be sure the data transfer is
100% correct. On the air the data are slightly obfuscated so it is not
possible to read it without going into technical trouble.
This enables you to use ANY pskmail server provided the HF connectivity
is o.k.

* Welcome message tells you: 'you have 34987 messages'

* New header list, so you only download message headers 34985 and 34986
This means you can leave the mail at the server so you can download the
big ones at a later date.

* Clear header list if you want to start from scratch
 (e.g. after reorganizing your mail with a web client).

I hope you like it, I do...


Rein PA0R

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