[pskmail] Re: New installers

  • From: Klaus Lohmann <dl4oah@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 15:05:30 +0200

Hello Per,

first results with W7:

- no issues with the install process itself

- CTRL-S causes sometimes "Configuration Flie is empty", which is a lie.

- Unhook Devices/"GPS is connected" lets the Callsign und somtimes the "Link to" disappear

- Level-settings (db) on the DSP-Tab are not stored

If others observe the save then I believe, that all this will not happen, when all settings are encapsulated in a single class of its own. Provided this class is stable ;-)

As a next step I will try to find working rig settings for K3 and Icom, but not before tomorrow.

73, Klaus DL4OAH

Am 15.08.2012 09:46, schrieb Pär Crusefalk:

I created new installers for both version 1.5 and 2 this morning. Would be good to get version 2 tested and an installer should help with that. Anyway, they are on my server here now:

I have only tested the linux installer so far (on linux mint 13). Windows installer should work...what could possibly... ah, well. If you install on windows and it works then pse post here, tnx.

73, Per

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