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If you need help with Linux, e-mail me directly and I will talk you through


On 5/1/07, davisjo <davisjo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

To Rein,  Per and Ed, plus others who are working behind the scenes on

I have dabbled with this programme, used Linux puppy, even been to night
school for Ubuntu.

I still struggle with configuring everything in Linux and have to resort
the other 'software' just because of familiarity.

I work QRP , having Small Wonder transceivers for PSK 31 and very often

I think you guys work really hard on this and I would like you to know how
much the community appreciate your efforts. I look forward to the day I
use it on my boat, it will be ideal for staying in touch.Perhaps I need a
few more watts !! I will keep saving for the packer amp.

Keep going chaps,

John Davis F5 VLM

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> Hi,
> Thanks Rein, I should have fixed the page to fetch proper data weeks ago
> but I've been too busy... (just back from the boat, its in the water
> now). The page looks good!
> 73 de Per, sm0rwo
> tis 2007-05-01 klockan 11:41 +0200 skrev Rein Couperus:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have added a FAQ item about how to set the frequency of your trx. I
>> have included some examples, and you are invited to add others to it.
>> Hope it clarifies some things...
>> I have also played around with a new LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
>> server, which now samples
>> the APRS data stream directly. See results on
>> http://homebase.pskmail.org/maps/pskmailers.php
>> Hope you like it. Thanks to Per for the prototype :)
>> 73,
>> Rein PA0R
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