[pskmail] Re: (Long) Report of "extensive" use of PSKmail while crossing the Pacific Ocean

  • From: Per Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2012 21:29:48 +0200

Hi Christian and all,

Again I would like to thank you for posting such a nice report.
Information like this is incredibly valuable for the project.

I'd like to look at the issues you reported in somewhat more detail. I
tried to highlight them and then I moved them to a spreadsheet, hope I
did not miss any issue. I'll comment on them here but some day I really
should set up a bugzilla server...

1. "...choose the emails you want, all at one time, and let the client
download them one after the other without user interaction?"

Per: We used to have that with "~READ 1,2,3". Nowadays I guess double
click or context menu is the way we all do that but I think the server
still supports the old syntax. Rein?

2. "...why couldn't you just upload all of your mails in the outbox
without user interaction? (Something like an "upload all" button)"

Per: Yes, I was going to do that a while ago actually. I'll restart that
effort and get it done.

3. "Bug in Header/ Inbox panels: After reception of a mail the view
changes to inbox while the Folder Headers on the left is still
highlighted. If you then click on an all ready downloaded mail (Get or
Open), it will send a command to the server to download it again."

Per: Yes, I have seen another error in that state machine and I will
look into it and make it better.

4. Mails should be sorted by date- latest on top! I scrolled like a
thousand times down all the Headers and Inbox folders.

Per: Yes, I'd like to enable sort by click on column header.

5. The mails in the outbox folder should be editable.

Per: Ok, no problem.

6.Grib file center position should be chosen independently from your own
position. Because, quite often when on the move you are more interested
in the weather ahead of you, not centered on your current position. So
why not have a little popup window there it lets you choose the grib
files center position, probably have default values allready in the
input fields with your current position.

Per: Sounds good. Should be fairly easy to do.

7. Pos. Button has to move to the APRS Tab. I'did so many wrong
positions because my GPS- mouse lost contact at the USB plug (salty
environments make for bad connections) and jpskmail defaulted to an old
position which I didn't realize because I have no indication of that in
the Terminal tab.

Per: I never use that button, I use Ctrl-B instead and you can use that
regardless of what tab is showing. But, I agree that the button is
probably placed poorly.

8. Sometimes, due to stupidity on my side, I downloaded the headers
multiple times- this should not be allowed by the client.

Per: Yes, that is a problem. First I'd like to indicate if a header has
been downloaded but as there is no unique ID I can use to match an email
with a header it is difficult. I have been thinking I should look at the
sender, addressee, subject and size to see if a header probably is
downloaded and then highlight the header in some way. That way it would
try to make it show if the email is already there. The other issue with
multiple requests is another thing and at least that should be easy to
take care of.

9. It would be much nicer IMHO to go to APRS tab, enter your current
position and the short message text there and hit Pos. Button, all on
the same tab.

Per: Agree. One idea is a pop up window where the position can be
entered in decimal or "proper" decimal and minute format (if latitude is
entered as "59.10" its decimal and as "59 10" its degrees and minutes).

I will start to handle issue no: 2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9. Probably not in that
order but anyway... 
I also put these in a spreadsheet, will update with status there:

A bigger issue here is the divide between the client versions. If I
implement these changes in jpskmail 1.5 then I will have to redo them
(at least move and test the code) again with version 2 later. There are
multiple other things now that are only in the 1.5 client and they will
also have to be ported later. Is it time to move to version 2 of the

73, Per

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