[pskmail] Live CD: saving your info to a USB stick

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 16:10:10 +0200


a short explanation what happens if you click the nice new icons on the desktop:

Getfromstick reads a file 'pskmailperm.tar.gz from any USB (or other) device 
mounted under /mnt.
This includes USB pen drives called e.g. /mnt/TRAVEL or /mnt/KINGSTON, or even 
/dev/hda3 if you have a fat hard drive..
In most cases your USB drive will mount as /mnt/removable, /mnt/removable-2 etc.
But if you boot the computer with the USB drive already present it may be 
mounted as /mnt/win_d or /mnt/win_c.
To read the file you have to generate one first with saveit.

saveit writes the contents of the config files in .fldigi, .evolution, 
.gpsdrive, .xastir, and 
all pskmail files to /mnt/removable as a tar.gz archive. That is around 12 MB 
on a pristine system with no
email, gpsdrive maps etc.

Reading the above, you will wonder what to do when the stick does not mount as 
For those who are unlucky there is some work to do (don't be afraid, it does 
not hurt).
Change the file ~/pskmailutils/saveit.sh into:
cd ~
tar zcvf pskmailperm.tar.gz .evolution .gpsdrive .fldigi .xastir *

and put the attached file savestick.pl into the pskmailutils directory.
Make sure it is executable (chmod +x savestick.pl)
Make sure your favourite USB device has a file already so savestick.pl  knows 
where you want the stuff:
touch /mnt/whatever/pskmailperm.tar.gz will generate an empty file.

Then write the changes to the device you boot you don't have to do this again:
click the saveit icon on the desktop.

That's it. Your changes can be loaded with Getfromstick whenever you want it.


Rein Pa0R


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