[pskmail] Re: Linux PSKmail

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 22:13:54 +0200

My guess is that the sound card is driven too hard. I have not tested 
3,12, I am using 3.10.

I will do some testing of various fldigi versions during the next days, but I 
can only say 
that it worked very well on both PI4TUE (server) and SM/PA0R/P (jPSKmail 
client) in 
southern Sweden two days ago from the camper. Both stations running fldigi-3.10.

Maybe we have to take a closer look at your system via skype/remote 
desktop. We got KF4WBS running that way.

Rein PA0R

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> Betreff: [pskmail] Linux PSKmail

> I am currently using the fldigi Linux alpha 3.12AF, primarily for 
> testing with my pskmail_server on the Linux side. It has been difficult 
> for me to make good connections with my my in-shack 2 computer/2 rig 
> test bed. The other computer/rig side uses fldigi 3.11 with the 
> javaPSKmail program.
> At least part of the problem may be due to the Linux version not being 
> able to hold to a given audio frequency. It is nearly impossible to lock 
> it to a frequency unless you turn off the rig and quickly find the 
> preferred center frequency (I use 1500 Hz) and get it locked. This may 
> be due to minimal white noise being picked up.
> The PSK modem configuration is set to the narrowest 10 Hz acquisition 
> search range with 6 dB S/N but it moves around, hundreds of Hz and seems 
> more inclined to move higher from the center frequency. I think that 
> this may be making it difficult to connect or hold the connection since 
> by the time a PSK250 burst comes through, it is too late to acquire the 
> burst and decode the data. This is occurring with or without AFC or 
> squelch. Even at maximum squelch it still moves away from the default 
> center frequency.
> I just discovered a few minutes ago that this is only a problem when I 
> am running pskmail_server or pskmail. When fldigi is running by itself, 
> it seems to be stable.
> Another odd thing is that THOR22 does not seem to work well at all for 
> connecting from pskmail to pskmail_server and that is opposite to what I 
> would have expected considering that it is much more forgiving on 
> frequency accuracy and does not even use AFC.
> Any suggestions on any settings that I might have wrong?
> 73,
> Rick, KV9U


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