[pskmail] Re: Lightweight, backpack "Pskmailing"

  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 11:26:26 +0100 (CET)

Puppy live CDs:

Normally there are starter icons in Files->my-applications->bin 
There might also be menu entries (right-click on the desktop, look 
in Network)

Advantage of the puppy CD is that fldigi has been pre-configured for use with 
I have made a ham live CD as well, containing the client and other goodies.
The wiki page contains a concise description how to set it up...

Rein EA/PA0R/M
(mostly without wifi connection)


Hello all,
Rein or Per, why is there no fldigi on the puppy live CD?
I started it and is a nice puppy CD but no PSKmail, no FLDIGI.

Returning to my earlier mail., questions. I need a step tp step instruction on 
how to install PSKmail client en the PSK mail server on UBUNTU 10.1
See below. I know how to start the terminal but the setup line respond that it 
cant find the files or dirs.
I have the installable save on my disk but cant with the terminal cannot find 
them. Were should I put the installables to be installes in what dir or 


2011/2/11 karel Fassotte <[karel.fassotte@xxxxxxxxx]>

Hello I am trying to setup pskmail server in Ubuntu, but I dont know where to 
put the installable and how to execute the installation.
I dont know anything of Linux.  Manuals step by step I need.
When I try to start installation with a terminal session. I says It cant find 
the files.
The files are now in the download dir.
Please some help.

Another questions. I have a live CD that installes the server but when a try to 
run a live cd client it installes the server not the client.
What to do?


2011/2/11 Per Crusefalk <[per@xxxxxxxxxxxx]>

fre 2011-02-11 klockan 05:20 -0500 skrev Larry Levesque:

> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 06:18:17AM +0100, Per Crusefalk wrote:
 > > Hi John,
 > >
 > > Sounds like a nice setup. I am not very fond of the g5rv but thats just
 > > me. I guess if its properly fed then it should be fine.
 > >
 > > > Maybe you guys can see better solutions. It would have been a great to
 > > > have a full Pskmail in my Android phone for that. Java is part of
 > > > Android so that should be workable but Fldigi is not available on that
 > > > platform.
 > >
 > > Well, actually fldigi has been ported to java by Franz-Josef Maas
 > > (DB3CF). It has a simple UI for testing but runs fine. I have been
 > > meaning to get an android phone and make it run under dalvik (the
 > > android java runtime) but I still lack a phone to test on.
 > >
 > > It will require some effort to get it to look nice but it does run in
 > > java so the worst should be done already...
 > >
 > > 73 de Per
 > > SM0RWO
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > And where would we find such a gem??

On a CD here on my desk...
 It all started when we figured it would be nice to have the modem part
 included in the pskmail client. Franz-Josef did a very nice job of
 porting the necessary classes to java, he also built a simple user
 interface for testing. I have attached an image of that, nothing much to
 see there but it just shows that it does run on java and it works.

 At a later stage we decided not to include it anyway as we would then
 not benefit from all the hard work done by the fldigi group. But, it
 would make a very nice addition to an android phone. With this mornings
 announcement from Nokia I will immediately ditch my phone and get an
 android device so I would like to see this there as well.

 73 de Per

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