[pskmail] Re: JavaPSK problem; Invoking "Preferences"?

  • From: Fred Reiselt <freiselt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 10:08:42 -0500


The pop host, pop user, and pop password are used to tell the server how to retrieve your email. They are set to the same as you would use with an email client to get email.

If your email address is "abc@xxxxxxx", your pop host is most likely "mail.xyz.net" or "pop.xyz.net". Your pop user would probably be "abc" and your pop password would be the password for you email account.

Fred - WB5CON

Hal wrote:
On 04-07, Pär wrote:
Me too :-)

Actually LA5VNA uploaded his details to my server, on 80 meters, and it
looks ok. I did see a perl warning when he did that, wasn't fast enough
to note what it was, but it worked.

73 de Per

tis 2009-04-07 klockan 09:38 +0200 skrev Rein Couperus:
If this is because of a bug in the new client I'd like to know :)


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Looking in the database entry on the server for W8MCH, there is a "From address =" defined but no pop host, pop user, or pop password defined.


Hal wrote:

        All seems OK except for some queries that I'll work on.. The
main one is that WB5CON keeps asking me to Update my Record and my
clicking on Update Server from JPSKMail doesn't seem to "take," when
connected or not connected.. Maybe there's a delay to update his data
        Greetings and wonder if I'm supposed to comment on the above,
since I started the thread?
        As Fred pointed out my keeping the pop entries as the default
"none" was ignored by his server.. I tried entering a '-' in place of
the 'none's and his server then updated my record.. I did that because
I'm not sure what the pop means in that case because I am not a server,
linked to the INet.. I have so much to learn.. I don't think it's a bug
just pilot error or misunderstanding.. . HI..


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