[pskmail] Re: JavaPSK problem; Invoking "Preferences"?

  • From: Hal <halinux@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 11:48:40 -0400

On 04-05, Per Crusefalk wrote:
> Hi Hal,
> Yes, I'm afraid its a known issue. It happens on some PC's and not on
> others. I was hoping I wouldn't have to create an installer but I have
> started one now to get around this, In the meantime there is a manual
> procedure to get past this. The problem is the RXTX libs for handling
> the serial port:
> The RXTX install should be fine as is on most installs.
> However, some PC's have trouble finding the RXTX-files used to handle
> the serial port. If you can launch the application but the preferences
> window will not show then you need to install the files in the system.
> For now there is a manual procedure for that. 
> For linux using java 1.6:
> 1. cd to the jpskmail folder
> 2. copy the files to the system java path:
> sudo cp librxtxSerial.so /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
> sudo cp lib/RXTXcomm.jar /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
> 73 de Per, sm0rwo
> sön 2009-04-05 klockan 16:05 -0400 skrev Hal:
> > Greetings: I have FLDigi-3.10 running as well as JavaPSKMail, but when I
> > click Preferences to get to Users nothing happens with the following
> > screen dump report:  (Machine is Slackware 12.1, not this machine.)

        Greetings and; Bingo!!

        Slackware's version of JRE is 'jre-6u6-i586-3 - "Java 2 Platform
Standard Edition" '; with the following paths:
/usr/lib/java/lib/i386 and /ext--so we have the age old *nix "Where's my
file," eh?? HI..

        All seems OK except for some queries that I'll work on.. The
main one is that WB5CON keeps asking me to Update my Record and my
clicking on Update Server from JPSKMail doesn't seem to "take," when
connected or not connected.. Maybe there's a delay to update his data

        I suspect other distributions are different??  APPRECIATE!!
de W8MCH 
             Hal       UNIX-GNU/Linux - Slackware 11.0,

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