[pskmail] Re: Installation of PSKmail Client on Ubuntu 11.10 -instruction

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 08:11:37 +0000

Le 23.11.2011 01:38, Robert Krasowski a écrit :

this is very subjective opinion,
Many thanks for it, user's opinion is invaluable to make things better.

Just for fun, moments ago I tried to record fax and I used the station
that I can copy with a lot of QRM and weak signal, contrast seems to be
better in JWX,
Yes, I have the same impression. Not sure if it comes from an image binarization (which could be added because it would also allow to suppress some parasites) or a better filter (At the cost of losing information). Both could be added to fldigi.

but overall both were similar quality.
What else I prefer about JWX - I just tune the radio, open the
application and that is all. No need to change mode, etc.
[...] when they use Fldigi primarily for PSKmail, and
want to swich to FAX they must : change mode, choose WXFAX and after
that WEFAX-IOC576,
This is right. This can be done too with fldigi's macros which have much progressed recently.

start view,
Yes, this step should be suppressed I think. It is there for historic reason (Inspired from MFSK images) but there is no reason to keep it.

> open weather Fax image,
The image tabs in JVX are very elegant to display received faxes. One can do something similar by opening a Windows explorer session on the reception directory, but indeed it's not specialized for fax reception as JVX does it.

Many thanks for your opinion! Primordial to make things progress.


PS to start receiving Fax (JWX) in the middle of transmission you have press 
Ah yes, thanks !


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