[pskmail] Re: Installation of PSKmail Client on Ubuntu 11.10 -instruction

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 17:38:34 -0800 (PST)


why JWX is better? this is very subjective opinion, I played with Fldigi and 
received few faxes, later I played with JWX, I prefer the second. 

Just for fun, moments ago I tried to record fax and I used the station that I 
can copy with a lot of QRM and weak signal, contrast seems to be better in JWX, 
but overall both were similar quality. 

What else I prefer about JWX - I just tune the radio, open the aplication and 
that is all. No need to change mode, etc. Please understand me I like to play 
with Fldigi and I think that is fantastic software, but for people who are 
sailing I always prefer simpler solution. And in my case when they use Fldigi 
primarily for PSKmail, and want to swich to FAX they must : change mode, choose 
WXFAX and after that WEFAX-IOC576, start view, , open weather Fax image, a lot 
of things to do. It is ok, in your shack drinking coffe, but at 2 AM after 2h 
of sleep, when you hungry, sleepy, cold and sea sick - that may be an 
impossible task. 
Fldigi is multifunctional and because of this complex which could be a plus or 
a minus and in this case a minus.
That was very subjective opinion. 



PS to start receiving Fax (JWX) in the middle of transmission you have press 

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Subject: [pskmail] Re: Installation of PSKmail Client on Ubuntu 11.10 
Le 22.11.2011 16:26, Robert Krasowski a écrit :
> Yes, Fldigi can do it but I was not happy with quality, JVX is much better.
> Robert

Apparently JVX applies a binary filter which makes the image looks 
better: It's possible to do that afterwards - maybe it's possible to add 
that in fldigi too. Also, I could not find to way to start receiving an 
image in JVX when it's in the middle of a transmission. (And JVX is not 
able to send faxes)

What do you think JVX has that fldigi has not ?

(Of course, I am not very fair and honest about this, having developed 
some code on fldigi ;);) )

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> *Subject:* [pskmail] Re: Installation of PSKmail Client on Ubuntu 11.10
> -instruction
> Fldigi can send and receive Weather Fax images.
> Le 22.11.2011 07:09, jcjglt@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:jcjglt@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
>  > On 22/11/2011 14:29, Robert Krasowski wrote :
>  >> Here is an instruction how I made my laptop to fully operational
>  >> PSKmail station with Navigation software.
>  >>
>  >> 15/ Install JVX 2.6 ( software to receive weather fax)
>  >> 16/ Install JNX 1.4 ( software to receive Navtex)
>  >>
>  >>
>  >> I hope it helps
>  >>
>  >> de Robert
>  >> KB2PNM
>  > Where do you get these JVX 2.6 and JNX 1.4 softwares ?
>  > 73, Jean-Claude - FK8IH

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