[pskmail] Re: Install of Pskmail Server on Ubuntu - Fldigi issue

  • From: Rick W <mrfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:22:15 -0500

My preference, as a non programmer, is that we have cross platform programs as much as can be done, depending upon the ability and interests of the programmers. You can't force them to do so, but you can try and promote and support such development. We are definitely moving in that direction although it has been unfortunate that some in the Linux community rail against this based on what I read in the blogs.

Almost all the programs I run on MS Windows OS's are free and some are even open source. Many of these programs are cross platform (Open Office, Thunderbird, VLC Media Player, Firefox, Chrome, NBEMS, etc., so they could run on my Kubuntu machine if I had to use Linux for my day to day computer use.

Hamlib is a cross platform library so works on MS OS's.


Rick, KV9U

Pär Crusefalk wrote:

Unfortunately the real problem there is not solved by using perl on
windows. Also, activeperl is just one of many binary distributions of
perl for windows and none of them solve the real issue. You can  get
several of those distros here: http://www.perl.com/download.csp

The real issue is that pskmail is very much integrated with linux, it
uses the environment and does not have to perform tasks that the OS can
already handle. I feel that I should provide some example in order to
explain this a bit better. So, here is the code used when fetching a
webpage for a connected client:

$webpage =  `elinks -dump $URL 2>&1` or die "No page";

The $webpage variable will contain the output from the elinks browser,
that browser is said to fetch $URL and just dump it. In order to do this
there must be an elinks browser on the platform and it must be possible
to get what its dumping (and it should just die after use etc.).

Here is another example, the scanner:

$error = `rigctl -m $rigtype -r $rigdevice -s $rigrate $cmd $outfreq`
         or die "cannot use hamlib? $@\n";

The rigctl executable from hamlib tools is fed info on how to set the
new frequency on the rig. As far as I know there is no hamlib on

There are many more exmples like that, in fact its everywhere in the
code. Anything is possible and each and every one of these problems can
be worked around, but it will take considerable time. Time I feel would
be better spent on improving the code instead of just porting it.

73 de Per, sm0rwo

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