[pskmail] Re: Input for EU pskmail conference

  • From: Frédéric bouchet <bouchet.frederic@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 13:59:22 +0200

Hello Rein, and the rest of the list of course,

I looked at the wiki (http://pskmail.wikispaces.com/to+do), and I
found somes ideas that seem important:

2010-07-28: Stand alone solution (no website available or not allowed):
forwarding. ... Internet connection not allowed eg in France (Rein PA0R)

[Fred] Yes I know the French law is often difficult to understand but I can
confirm that a working solution without internet access would be a real plus
for the dissemination and use of pskmail in France. A solution of such
dialogue between the servers would be a real plus.

2010-07-29: Field event (gold EMCOMM) of exchange formatted messages. This
Could Be in DNA Client Server Client Under golden year expanded TTY mode. (John

[Fred] I am a member of a group of amateur opening for this type of
transmission, the solution we are currently in place is the following.

1. Entering messages GesADRA software (developed in python -
2. Shipments of messages by the means available (Packet Radio, PSK (fldigi
flarq +), ...

I think the dimmensions "EMCOMM" is not to be overlooked in a tool like

Ideally I would say that if the client could operate either via a server is
online it is wonderful (it already may be true, but I have still not found a
French correspondent to test this.

That's all, for the moment when I think of something else I would write it
on the list ...

Thanks again to the developers.

Fred F4EED

2010/7/29, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On September 25/26 there is a European pskmail conference in Alghero,
> Sardinia.
> One of the topics on the agenda is the future development of pskmail,
> covering
> new use cases, requirements, and necessary bug fixes for client and server.
> There is a requirements/ideas list on the wiki (
> http://pskmail.wikispaces.com/to+do ), and
> you are invited to send us ideas and requirements you think are most
> important via the mailing list.
> That way you can influence the future direction of pskmail.
> I would be happy if we could have a vivid discussion here on the list...
> 73,
> Rein PA0R
> --
> http://pa0r.blogspirit.com

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