[pskmail] Re: IS0GRB-4 new freq (40m 7035KHz pskfreq)

  • From: "F5YD" <f5yd@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 08:49:02 +0100

Buongiorno Roberto

qsl yr e-mail  for all 
just coming from connect IS0GRB-4  on 40 m no problem at all 5either the band 
is qrm )
ere using eihter cd-live Fldigi 2.08  / PSK_ARQ  0.6 or also enable to run 
UBUNTU 8.10 but having problem of connect with last version of  PSKmail 

station is :
40w icom IC706 hombe brew interface ( transfos - opto )
ant home brew vertical 10m high diam 5cm made of watering aluminium pipe 
30 radials autotuning all HF range 1.8 - 30mHz with SG230 tuner
see you soon on PSKmail fréquencies
best regards wishes for 2009 and 73
gérard f5yd (retired radiomaritime)

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  Subject: [pskmail] IS0GRB-4 new freq (40m 7035KHz pskfreq)

  Hi to all.
  I have updated the wiki with a new frequency of is0grb-4. 
  The server now work on 40m 7035Khz (central pskfreq) (vfo 7036 lsb) (PSK250).
  Power output is about 80W, antenna is a collinear 2 element, polarization 
orizontal, 40m total length (10meters+10meters+20meters), direction north 
  Between the part of 10m and 20m there is a coaxial stub of 1/4 wave x 0.66 
(rg-213), where in the end the central of the cable is solded with the ground.
  With the stub the 2 element are phased and we are the maximum irradiation of 
this antenna. it is possible to add others 1/2 collinear elements and increment 
the gain.
  With this 2 element the gain tested is about 4dB.

  |----------------dipole---------------------| -----------collinear 

  1/4 wave (40m)  1/4 wave (40m)            1/2 wave (40m)
  -------------------- | ----------------------- | 
                       |                         |
                       |                         coaxial stub 1/4 x 0.66
                       cable of rg-213 to the radio

  1/4 wave = 71 / 7.035
  1/2 wave = 142 / 7.035
  stub = 300 / 7.035 x 0.66 (for rg-213)

  Reports of reception are appreciated. 
  Best 73 and happy 2009. 
  Roberto IS0GRB 

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