[pskmail] Re: How to start with PSKmail

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:58:14 +0200

Hi Nick,

Welcome to pskmail then!
I'll try to answer your questions below:

fre 2009-06-26 klockan 20:25 +0300 skrev Nikola Nikolov:
> Hi,
> Being experienced with Winlink's Airmail and digi modes I would like to
> give a try of PSKmail too. 
> So far I have fldigi and pskmail installed on Ubuntu 9.04.
> A dipole for 10 Mhz will be put up and together with my venerable TS-870
> the PSKmail setup will be ready in a few days.

A dipole should be fine, thats what I use at the moment.

> But what then ?  
> On what frequency to call servers -  on 10147 khz dial USB ?
> Mode - PSK250 on fldigi ?
> Once the QSO with server is established I must QSY to another
> frequency ? If so on what freq ?
> Etc. etc questions....

Yes, provided your rig is on frequency that is. I listen on 10.148 in cw
as thats the only way I can force my ic706mk2g to use a narrow filter.
> Well, it appears the procedures are not clear to me. And the whole
> organization of the PSKmail system as well.
> I have thought I could get some idea listening on the air and tracing
> the procedures as followed by others. But listening for two days on
> 10147 Khz (USB Dial) with my 80 mtrs 
> dipole I could hear NO PSKmail signal.

Try the dipole cut for 30 meters and that should change. I can see that
Robertos server in Sardinia is able to receive my server and the
distance between us is very similar (just a slight difference in
bearing). Regarding organization its different to what you are used to
with winlink. There is no single point of failure here, the servers do
not rely upon some central server. In the past we have used a central
user data server but thats not active now.

> Browsing the net I could find a pdf file from Intermar which is helpfull
> to some extent but not enough for a beginer.
> It is said in the same file there are weather and navigational broadcast
> from servers...  True ?

True, Intermar broadcasts those and they are very strong here.

> Any help, please ?
> Best 73's !
> De Nick - LZ1ZM

73 de Per, sm0rwo

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