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  • From: Fred Reiselt <freiselt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sancudo <sancudobravo@xxxxxxxxx>, pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 17:04:14 -0600

Hi Mario,

Let me give you a rundown by email for you to try. I'm not too good at helping with computers by phone since I am not sitting in front of the screen.

I use Ubuntu 9.10 with no problem. Here is a step by step that I just did on a virgin computer.

You just need to download 2 software packages, fldigi and pskmail_server. The "make" you are referring to has to do with compiling source code into an executable. You should not need to do that.

Both packages are at http://hermes.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pskmail/. Click on "fldigi" and then click on "fldigi-3.13BL.npa.bin.tgz. Save it to your home directory (/home/mario or whatever your log in name is). Now click on "Parent Directory" to go back up one level. Now click on "pskmail_server-0.9.31.tar.gz" and save it in your home directory. My Firefox browser stores downloads onto my Desktop, so I open a terminal window and "cd Desktop", "mv psk* ..", "mv fl* ..", and then "cd .." to get the files to my home directory. You can also do it with a GUI file manager.

In your home directory, unpack the software with the following commands: "tar xzvf fldigi-3.13BL.npa.bin.tgz" and "tar xvzf pskmail_server-0.9.31.tar.gz".

Install hamlib with the command "sudo apt-get install libhamlib2". It will ask for your root password and then go get the software off the internet and install it.

You should be able to start fldigi in your home directory with "./fldigi". If that starts up OK, then shut it down and let's move on to the pskmail_server software.

Change from your home directory to the pskmail_server directory with "cd pskmail_server-0.9.31". Now "sudo ./libinstall.sh". This will install all necessary Perl modules onto your server from the internet. You will have to answer "Y" and "yes" many times. After that finishes, do a "sudo ./libinstall.sh" a second time to get the MIME Perl modules. Then "sudo ./install.sh". This installs the pskmail_server software.

Now you need to edit pskmailrc.pl in your .pskmail directory. Notice the dot in the front of the directory name. That is a hidden file and will not show up with and "ls" command. With an editor (I use "vi", but you may better off with a gui editor like gedit), open pskmailrc.pl. On line 10, change the $ServerCall from N0CAL to your callsign. On line 17, change the $relay from "mysmtpserver" to the outgoing email SMTP server of your internet provider. On lines 56 and 57, enter your latitude and longitude in the specific format described. Now save the file.

Do a "cd .." to move back up to your home directory. Do a "./fldigi" to start the fldigi program. In another terminal window, do a "pskmail_server" to start the server software. That should have it going. You can kill the server when needed with a ^C (control C).

I wrote this step by step by doing a fresh install. I hope this helps you.

I am also copying this to the PSKmail mailing list, in case someone else can add to the steps above. There are some certified experts on that list that are very helpful. Please join the list if you are not already on it. You'll be glad you did :>)


Fred - wb5con

sancudo wrote:
My name is Mario, WO5O, and I got wrapped with this pskmail server bit
and now cant shake the project. KF4WBS from KY, David, has gotten me
started but being a neophyte to Linux I'm stumbling along. Both he and
I are having trouble getting the software to work right. Here's the
rundown so far:
1. I orginally tried to use Ubuntu 9.10 with David's guidance but we
got so far and ran into a step that has to do with "make"....sorry
that I dont have more info.
2. I have since downloaded Unbuntu 8.04 LTS since the server program
has worked with this version from what I've read on the internet. If
you can guide me thru this I would be very appreiciative. I assume you
have the linux server running. I'll got with whatever is wokring for

David wants me to set up a server here in Texas but I dont know if it
is such a good idea since we already have a server in New Braunfels,
Texas...just about 150 miles north of me. However, I would like to try
and get the server running on Linux so I can get more used to working
with Linux and Ubuntu.
Thank you.
361-552-9808 after 8 pm CST.

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