[pskmail] Re: Good Conditions

  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 16:49:15 +0100 (CET)

What we see a lot is multipath during mid-day, giving rithmic, deep QSB up to 80 dB down. 
The server will downgrade the link until it reaches the lowest requested mode, 
and also reduces the block length.
If that does not work the server sends 2 disconnects and stops the session... 
The number of polls is configurable on the server, we use a number of 10 to 
let the session survive a pactor or ALE QRM session starting on top of a running connection.

The client can decide which modes to use for the session. We added the MFSK and THOR 
modes for multipath and NVIS conditions.
It pays to use different mode tables for different conditions.
Slow modes are not always the right answer, I use MFSK16 as the slowest mode,
and I often use THOR22 to connect....

The 14 MHz frequency is pretty stable during the time 10 MHz cannot be used...
That is why we introduced scanning in 2006...
Don't forget to pick the right time and the right frequency, we did not yet implement 
the cognitive radio stuff....

I use 5 Watts to connect SM0RWO on 10 MHz, and it works most of the time.

Rein PA0R

Hi Robert,
What you describe on the PSKMail connection, is what I have expierenced many times with your server and also with the AB9FT server.
I have on many occasions seen a gradual deterioration of the link.
It goes asymmetric with the server still in a faster mode, and my client stuck in one of the lower speed modes, to the point that everything just freezes up there.
Seems like this is part of the problem with PSKMail.
There seems to be no automatic disconnect signal like with Winmor, when conditions deteriorate to the point of oblivion. (I think Winmor sends a double disconnect signal and an  ID.)
So the connection on PSKMail just deteriorates, then hangs there in silence, waiting for who knows what.
I think this could also be partly due to the peculiarity of the 30 M band.
It behave much differently from say the 20M and 40M bands,
I can say this from observation and experience as an HF band Ham for the past 30 years.
The 30 band will presently suddenly cut off completely, then come on again 30 minutes later.
In the US at least, the 20M and 40 M bands are very predictable most of the time, with good propagation during all of the morning, and then again later in the afternoon and 
Just my observation with some good time on playing with PSKMail 1.5 and the KB2PNM 
and AB9FT servers from Chicago. (I have not had any response from the other servers after multiple pinging during the past few days.)

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 6:11 AM, Robert Krasowski <rkrasowski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We had some problems yesterday with PSKmail, first we talk on SSB for 45 min, conditions were great. But later when we switch into PSKmail I was able to hear them great, but for some reason Client didi not responded into server response. I could't do anything about it since they did not hear me. But during the night they were able to exchange some emails so must recognized and fix the problem. Will know today what was the issue.
Darrel, they are in the middle of Atlantic, not in Poland , so not that far but still quite good.
Best regards toi all

--- On Mon, 1/9/12, John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: John Douyere <vk2eta@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [pskmail] Re: Good Conditions
To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Monday, January 9, 2012, 10:34 PM

Hi Darrel,

Yes, nice log.

I noticed the failed attempts at connections to Robert's server (KB2PNM).


It looks like the client does not hear the server's connect
acknowledgement (since the connect is received and acted upon AND the
client's status reply required to confirm the connection is much more
likely to success than a long connect frame).

I would recommend SQ2OAZ tries to connect with something like THOR22
or MFSK16, and let the server adjust the speed up if possible.

But of course how to let him know if he does not connect to his email
(APRS messages maybe?).



On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 1:13 PM,  <ve7cus@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had an interesting capture on my station on the west coast of N.A. this afternoon.
> Darrel, VE7CUS
> 16:01:21 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:6 (93u8'c  Y 83C1<EOT>
> 16:02:54 <SOH>1!kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 57CAF<SOH>
> 16:02:54 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7!s   16BB<EOT>
> 16:03:17 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1!kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 57CAF<SOH>
> 16:03:19 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7!s   16BB<EOT>
> 16:07:01 <SOH>1"kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 53750<SOH>
> 16:07:04 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7"s   16FF<EOT>
> 16:16:14 <SOH>1$kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 5A0AE<SOH>
> 16:16:15 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7$s   1677<EOT>
> 16:17:24 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1$kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 5A0AE<SOH>
> 16:17:25 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7$s   1677<EOT>
> 16:18:29 <SOH>00uAB9FT:71 73 4E93<EOT>
> From AB9FT: 73%
> 16:19:08 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:7 B685<EOT>
> =4904.13N/12305.39WMXASTIR-Linux
> 16:20:10 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:7 B685<EOT>
> 16:23:19 <SOH>1%kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 559FA<SOH>
> 16:23:20 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7%s   D64A<EOT>
> 16:23:39 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1%kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 559FA<SOH>
> 16:23:40 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7%s   D64A<EOT>
> 16:26:07 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:6 I7@=9Xm4'Y D0E8<EOT>
> 16:32:12 <SOH>10cSQ2OAZ:1024 KB2PNM:24 885b4321AA0F<EOT>
> 16:33:06 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1!kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 57CAF<SOH>
> 16:33:06 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7!s   16BB<EOT>
> 16:33:31 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1!kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 57CAF<SOH>
> 16:33:32 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7!s   16BB<EOT>
> 16:33:51 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1!kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 57CAF<SOH>
> 16:33:52 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7!s   16BB<EOT>
> 16:38:01 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:7 B685<EOT>
> 16:38:08 <SOH>00uAB9FT:71 77 8E91<EOT>
> From AB9FT: 77%
> 16:38:33 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:7 B685<EOT>
> 16:39:22 <SOH>10cSQ2OAZ:1024 KB2PNM:24 885b4321AA0F<EOT>
> 16:40:47 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7"s   16FF<EOT>
> 16:41:33 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1"kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 53750<SOH>
> 16:41:33 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7"s   16FF<EOT>
> 16:42:18 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>1"kKB2PNM:24 SQ2OAZ:1024 53750<SOH>
> 16:42:19 SQ2OAZ<>KB2PNM: <SOH>7"s   16FF<EOT>
> 16:46:01 <SOH>00uSQ2OAZ:6 I7>69Z4.(Y 35AA<EOT>

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