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  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2018 16:06:56 +0100

Hi all,

I was kind of waiting for Rein to answer but I'll just add a few things before he does.

1. Website with dead links

I have no control of pskmail.org so that is a question for Rein.
Merging pskmail.org and the wiki is not something I have heard anything about.

2. Software development

I can only answer for myself here. I have not contributed anything in quite a while now and that is mainly due to all my troubles with fldigi. I just can not make it stay up and running on my server so that has somewhat soured the experience of using the system. I believe Rein has done things but I'm not up to speed and that.

I would like to get started again some time so I have upgraded my working environment and had a brief look at my to do list. For starters I'd like to upgrade the installers and have a look at more modern ways to overcome the installer problem. Containers could be a nice solution, dockers or perhaps kubernetes could make the install process super easy.

Also changing my mind about using fldigi here, it's just not working for me so perhaps going back to the integrated modem is a better solution in the end anyway. Fldigi keeps finding new ways of crashing, freezing and generally not work very well at all for me.

The confusing button name would be a typo by me in the language files. Its super easy to fix but needs a new binary.

73, Per

Den 2018-12-06 kl. 15:46, skrev Juergen:

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Subject: Re: [pskmail] pskmail; software and web-pages; questions and informations
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2018 15:43:15 +0100
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Hi Franz,
if nobody in the mailinglist answers, you could perhaps try the PSKmail facebook group:


On 12/04/2018 09:10 PM, oe5rtl (Franz Rohrauer) wrote:
Rein, Pär,

1) on pskmail-websites I found dead links

2) please give information about status of software-developement

- web-site http://www.pskmail.org/web/pskmailusers.php contains wrong data-information (example: 2018-13-29)

- web-stite http://www.pskmail.org/: menue-entries 'pskmail-reporter', 'FAQs', 'To do list' and 'WebSVN': Links are defect

- web-sites 'http://pskmail.wikidot.com' and 'pskmail.org': do you intend to merge them?

- on July, 4th 2017 Rein informed us about a new server-version (3.x). I tried version 3.0 beta, but it didn't work correct (data-packages were sent uncomplete, last bytes of them were cut-off). Is there an actual version 3.x available?

- on June, 16th 2016 Rein told us thinking of merging client and server into one application. What is it's status?

- javapskmail; confusing menu-entry in sidebar-option 'outbox': messages can be sent by button 'outbox'. I think, it would be better to rename this button to 'send'

Best 73 de

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