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  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 15:43:22 +0200

Hi Ian,

You can get it all here: www.pskmail.org
While writing now the latest there is 2.0.17 but there is an
experimental 2.0.20 server using the v2modem also.
Btw, I am running the v2modem as I am unable to keep fldigi running, it
crashes within minutes for me.

Regarding bugs we used to update that through subversion, as of late
only Rein has updated the server so you could share it here.
Source code is available at http://crusefalk.se/websvn/

73, Per

Ian Bennett skrev 2013-06-12 11:35:
> Good Evening,
>     Given I haven't heard any responses to my questions below, I'll
> put them to the group.
>     What is the latest version of PSKMail server?? Where can I
> download it from??
>     I have 2.0.17 and have found a number of bugs so I'd like to share
> them. How do I do that??
>     Regards,
> Ian
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> Subject: Re: [pskmail] Aw: PSKMail Documentation
> Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 19:05:22 +1000
> From: Ian Bennett <ibennett@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Rein,
>     Can you point me at the latest server code please?? I'm happy to
> have a
> go at perl, but I don't know Java.
>     What is the process for making changes??
>     I'm also keen to understand the process behind the mode changing
> whilst
> connected; amongst other things.
> Ian
> On 03/06/13 18:44, Rein Couperus wrote:
>> Hi Ian...
>> you are right, we could use some more comments...
>> Also the code needs cleaning, there is a lot of debug related stuff in
>> there.
>> Until now, only 3 people have bothered to read the perl code (Per, John
>> and myself),
>> so it is really a matter of priorities.  There is still so much to do,
>> and I am already
>> spending some 8 hours a day to experiment, code and debug pskmail :-)
>> But I promise I will go through the code and start cleaning/documenting
>> whenever
>> I have tme (still one-handed here, which does not help either...)
>> BTW, ~FY, ~FN, ~FOx, ~FA (yes, no, level, erase) are commands related to
>> Delay Tolerant Networking
>> and 'resume upload/download' after reconnect.
>> The ~Msp and ~Mp commands are there for the 2-level diffie-hellman
>> authentication
>> process related to POP services....
>> When there are people with spare time who could help in the
>> cleaning/documentation process,
>> they are more than welcome :-)
>> 73,
>> Rein
>> Rein,
>> Is there any developer type documentation available for PSKMail server??
>> I've been looking through the perl code and whilst actions like ~SEND,
>> ~LISTFILES, etc are obvious, others like ~Msp, ~FY: and ~FO: are not so
>> obvious.
>> If this documentation is not available, some more detailed comments in
>> the code will suffice.
>> Ian

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