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  • Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:02:50 +0200

I am forwarding this to the list for discussion. I think it would be a
good idea to coordinate this with the ALE people, and the frequencies do
not look bad at all. Some time in the future we may want to further
integrate pskmail and ALE, and this looks like a good starting point.

What do you think?


Rein, PA0R

PS: I will be field testing pskmail in northern Germany for the next
week... new arq.pm in the snapshot with improved adaption algorithm and 
new preamble (tx call).

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Subject: Re: 10148kHz ALE and PSKmail
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 21:16:22 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Rein,

Thank you for the information and images of spectrum. 

I see there is a Winlink2000 PACTOR station, A71BY in
Qatar, listed on center 10147.7kHz with PACTOR1/2/3. I
do not see any other WL2K stations listed in Region 1
in this channel. 

I propose that we coordinate the PSKmail channels with
ALE channels, so ALE and PSKmail compatibility may be
possible in the future. May I please recommend a plan
for PSKmail server channels? 
Please see the attached drawing image as an example of
a typical ALE/PSKmail plan of the 30 meter band.

10145.5USB  ALE/PSKmail (10147.00 psk center)
10148.50 (center) PSKmail Server
10148.75 (center) PSKmail Server
10149.00 (center) PSKmail Server

ALE digital channels are located within the Automated-
Unattended Station band segments. All ham ALE
operation is USB. When PSKmail is combined with ALE,
we could use the 1500Hz audio frequency standard for
the PSK carrier. 

For stand-alone PSKmail servers without ALE, the basic
channel plan may start at 3.00kHz above an ALE digital
channel. On some bands, the PSKmail channel plan would
start 1kHz below the ALE digital channel.


ALE=1845.0USB /PSKMAIL=1848.00 1848.25 1848.50
ALE=3517.0USB /PSKMAIL=3599.00 3599.25 3599.50(IARU
ALE=3626.0USB /PSKMAIL=3629.00 3629.25 3629.50(IARU
ALE=5371.5USB /PSKMAIL=5373.00 
ALE=7040.5USB /PSKMAIL=7038.25 7038.50 7038.75(IARU
ALE=7102.0USB /PSKMAIL=7101.00 7101.25 7101.50(IARU
ALE=10145.5USB /PSKMAIL=10148.50 10148.75 10149.00 
ALE=14100.5USB /PSKMAIL=14103.50 14103.75 14104.00 
ALE=18106.0USB /PSKMAIL=18105.25 18105.50 18105.75 
ALE=21117.5USB /PSKMAIL=21109.0 21109.25 21109.50 
ALE=24926.0USB /PSKMAIL=24925.0 24925.25 24925.50 
ALE=28146.0USB /PSKMAIL=28149.0 28149.25 28149.50  

You will find some interesting new features in the new
PCALE version that will soon be released this month.
It includes GPS reporting and other things. Also,
there is a fast PSK modem (188-110) and FTP (5066
type). Perhaps you can interface this with your
server. The new PC-ALE has a software port to
communicate with other programs.

Best Regards,

Bonnie KQ6XA


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