[pskmail] Fldigi problems on Xandros eeePC

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 18:15:28 +0200

As the proud owner of both PC701 and PC900 eeePC's with a Xandros linux distro 
on them I have done some 
testing with the fldigi/pskmail combination, and I have come across some 

The first tests were done with Fldigi-2.07. The binary provided by w1hkj 
installed without croaking and 
operation was flawless most of the time. The problems encountered:
* Entering text into the TX window of fldigi sometimes killed fldigi, including 
the X-server.
* There was an obvious buffer overflow in fldigi which resulted in the client 
sending ramdom text 
from its memory for a random amount of time.
* It has turned out that this happens also on other (UBUNTU) installations 
using 2.07.

Second test with fldigi -2.10-3:
* Fldigi binaries higher than 2.07 will not run on Xandros because they are 
compiled with an 
incompatible Glibc (2.4) which is not available on Xandros.
* Installing Glibc 2.4 on Xandros breaks most of the apps, so that is not an 
* Installing another OS on the eeePC is too difficult for most users. 
* I then installed a statically compiled binary from Berlios.de. It runs well, 
but it has the same 
problems as version 2.07 on the eeePC, so that was no improvement.

Third test with fldigi 3.0:
* I tried to compile fldigi on the eeePC but that failed miserably because of 
incompatibilities with 
the libraries. 
* I downloaded a statically linked version of 3.0 from Berlios.de (which has 
been removed since...)
The results are the same as with 2.07. It runs well until you enter text into 
the TX window. If you do, the 
X server crashes on the fldigi SEGFAULT 80% of the time.
* Fldigi 3.0 misses the --profile emc option. The result is that the 800x480 
display of the 
PC701 is too small for fldigi, and you have to shift the app around with 
alt-leftmouse to operate some 
of the buttons. This is a pity as the combination of PC701, pskmail  and fldigi 
makes an ideal package 
for mobile stations.

The TX text insertion SEGFAULT also occurs randomly if pskmail is not started 
(right after a reboot).
I have emailed W1HKJ and told him about the problem.

Meanwhile I am using fldigi 3.0 only as a pskmail modem, and make sure I don' t 
the TX window (bummer, I just build a CW keying circuit to use the eeePCV as a 
portable CW keyboard).

For use in a pskmail server fldigi 3.0 is now recommended, and I also included 
the bin image into the 
new client 1.0 package. For the server you don' t need the TX window. The sweet 
spot instability 
problem seems to be solved on 3.0.

If a buffer dump on the frequency occurs, just be patient, it will stop at some 
point in time.


Rein PA0R


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