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  • From: "David Vrona" <dave@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 10:53:38 -0500

My interest at the moment is solely to finish off the wiki on the client
distribution install.

If we are a "go" on the fldigi version that does NOT use the hamlib
libraries, then it will simplify the wiki and also avoid some runtime
problems that can be experienced.

On 2/3/07, Ed <autek@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Rich Hudgins wrote:
> Has anyone tried to use Fldigi by itself on regular psk31 stations?  I
> have tried it several times and could not decode any of the signals at
> all.  it seems to work just fine with itself, but not another station
> running some other program.  I tried to install the newist version of
> fldigi  1.23 and it would not run on the version of mandriva I have
> loaded.  2007_1_1 ...
> Rich Hudgins
> n5ale

I use fldigi on a regular basis as a stand-alone in several digital
modes including RTTY. This is probably one of the best apps I have used,
including offerings from MS. One of the alpha testers uses Mandriva but
I'm not sure if its 2007 or 2006.

I agree with Rein, I think you either need to rename the
mailserver/client or put the executable for fldigi in the mailserver
folder and run it from there when you want to make use of the

Dave specifically addresses this issue on the fldigi homepage and IIRC
also in the help files.

If you need any help setting up fldigi as a stand-alone please feel free
to ask, I'll try to help the best I can.      73


fldigi Alpha tester for Debian

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