[pskmail] Re: File uploads via PSKMail.

  • From: Rick W <mrfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2009 10:24:29 -0500

This is very helpful information. I had thought that PSKmail could do some basic BBS operation from what I had read earlier, but probably just did not find it in the documentation.

I had tried to do something similar, but got an error message with the made up routing I tried. I have the capability to do this between two stations here in the shack and will test this out and hopefully be able to make a good report to others on what they can do. Right now, we have a packet (300 baud) system on 80 meters in my state which I have occasionally monitored but find it having very large numbers of repeats. A slower baud rate or different protocol might make this usable for those who are willing to use sound card modes.


Rick, KV9U

John Douyere wrote:
Hi Rick,

I can't answer your first question but regarding the BBS function, PSKMail is certainly capable of doing that already.

Asssuming that two or more stations connect at different times to the same PSKMail server (let's call it "XYZ"), they can leave email messages for each other in the local mail box.

The difference with an internet email is that the To address needs to be "TheOtherStationCallSign@XYZ". With XYZ being the server callsign the stations connect to.

Of course the server does not need to have connection to the internet if only the local mail box is used.

Upon connection to the server, the clients receives a message with the server's version, followed by the letter "L" and the number of local mails and then the letter "M" and the number of internet mails (if an internet connection is available).

For managing the mail locally stored on the server from a client, use the Mbox menu items (list, read and delete) after connection to the server.

Hope this helps.

73, John (VK2ETA)

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