[pskmail] Re: FLDigi wandering off freq.

  • From: Per Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 09:14:37 +0200

Hi Steve,

Just a hunch but those pskmail settings are only "active" when pskmail
is connected to fldigi. If you launch fldigi on its own then that can
happen, I don't have that problem when there is an active connection
between the two. May that be the case here?

73 de Per, sm0rwo

tis 2009-05-26 klockan 17:10 +1000 skrev stevez@xxxxxxxxxx:
> Hello all,
> Before I start - I know this has been asked before. Please keep reading ;-)
> Using Fedora 10. FLDigi 3.10 (from distro) and 3.11.4 (static binaries
> downloaded from FLDigi author's web site).
> I find FLDigi keeps wandering well off RX frequency.
> Yes, I have "Configure -> Modems -> Mail" set to "Use SweetSpot
> Frequencies".
> I have "Configure -> Modems -> PSK -> Mail -> Server Search Range" set
> to 10.
> I have "Configure -> Modems -> PSK -> General AFC behavior ->
> Acquisition Search Range" set to 10.
> I have  CW, RTTY and PSK et al sweet spot frequencies set to 1000Hz.
> FLDigi has now drifted over 300Hz off freq. Depending on the kind of
> noise I get at my QTH, this could happen in a matter of minutes, and it
> will completely ruin its usability as a modem for 1000Hz.
> It also looks like it is TX-ing at the same point that it has drifted
> to! I know that the "Lk" button will fix this TX issue, but it won't
> stay in the "On" position after FLDigi has been restarted, no matter
> what I try.
> Help!
> Steve (VK2ZSZ).

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