[pskmail] Re: FLDidi server RxID problem - more information.

  • From: Steve <stevez@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 19:25:04 +1100

Thanks Rein.
Can I just ask one simple question to the wider group?
Has anyone checked their server and noticed that RxID was turned off (when it should have been on) at all?

I rebooted my server a couple of hours ago and when it came back up, the server's FLDigi had RxID on. I just checked it right now, and it was off again. The last thing in FLDigi's console is "Before RSID: <<2010-01-31T08:08Z BPSK-250 @ 3580000+1000>>". Is this is a request to change modes? I can't see any callsigns associated with it.
I will turn RxID back on, but rest assured, it will be off again soon!

Is this only happening to me? If so, I will start looking at what makes my setup different to a typical install.
We'll crack it!
Steve (VK2ZSZ)

On 01/31/2010 02:01 PM, Rein Couperus wrote:
Hmmm, this does not happen on PI4TUE...
will do some more testing next week.


Hello all,

I think I can reproduce the server RxID problem.

Here's how :-

Connect with BPSK250 (mode might not be important, but that's what I
have tested).
Indeed, the mode is unimportant... could be any mode.

Server RxID goes off.
Hit abort on client (not quit).
Client goes into "listening" mode.
Server still polls. After a few attempts (that the client ignores), it
switches to BPSK250R.
After another few polls, the server gives up and RxID goes on.
This is all ok..

Now, if I wait a while, the client will beacon. After the beacon, the
server will turn off RxID, and transmit the QSL response. RxID does not
come back on.
This should not happen, rxID must remain on. Works ok on PI4TUE...

I've tried turning RxID on the server on, and then doing a manual beacon
on the client. That didn't seem to trigger the problem.

I'll keep testing, but there is definitely something amiss with the
server RxID stuff on my setup.

Client and server are the latest alpha releases. Both FLDigi installs
are 3.13BT.

Nothing in the server log looks out of order.

Steve (VK2ZSZ)

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