[pskmail] Re: Error decoding

  • From: "A.Oskarsson" <tf3ao@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 14:18:33 +0000

Hej Per and others,

Could it be that it is related to the startup of jPSKmail ?
I get the following warning when I start the program:
Message: For input string: ""
From class: class.java.lang.Numberformatexception
Problems with config parameter

Yes, PER I'm used to get the vy QSB, remember we are much closer to the magnetic pole than you are, and aurora is very effective.

73 Seli

Þann 19.2.2011 13:58, skrifaði Pär Crusefalk:
Hi Seli,

I was in the shack when this happened. I followed the QSO while working on jpskmail, at one time fldigi locked up and I had to restart it. I did look at that image thing and the server had an issue, it was looking for a temp file that was gone. So you probably got an empty file there...seems like a server issue. Just to understand what happened, did you start that download and then reconnect? It looked to me like it restarted sending the image as soon as you connected?

The qso had some QSB on it, sometimes a very nice signal and sometimes it faded away. Noticed you managed to do some email anyway, hoped that worked fine.

73 de Per

2011-02-19 14:00, A.Oskarsson skrev:
Hello all,

I get this error when decoding a small picture from SM0RWO

 From class: class java.io.EOFException
Error when trying to decode ........

Is this a JAVA problem ?

What to do to fix ?

73 Seli TF3AO

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