[pskmail] Re: Did QST run something abt pskmail now ?

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 01:21:02 -0400 (EDT)

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>Subject: [pskmail] Did QST run something abt pskmail now ?
>All of a sudden I have 13 ongoing downloads, just the other day it was
>all quiet. Did QST run an article on pskmail or did something else
>happen ? I

Hi Per,

Yes.. I believe they did.  I have not seen the article myself, but is also 
described LiveCD and USBlive
booting of Linux. 

I did get my USBLive key to work via the combo boot method with the PSKliveCD 
starting an older machine.What I do not understand is why I cannot get the 
PSKmail backup and restore scripts to work 
correctly from the PSKlive desktop. My USBLive stick is clearly running the 
system now, but
settings for PSKmail and FLdigi are not being saved on the stick when I shut 

Now.. I did do something a little different with creating the stick. I used 
MCNLive's Create
USBLive wizard to create the stick, but modified it by adding your ISOLINUX 
folder to the same
directory. I noticed other files in the stick including a MCN splash screen.  
The USBLive
stick does use the ISOLINUX folder to boot up with your sunset desktop and 
I just cannot get the stick to save any settings. I am sorry to keep pestering 
, but 
I need to figure out what is wrong. Do I need to edit the Working Paths for the 



PS... I also heard WB5CON today on 10.147 USB on my FlexRadio SDR-1000. 
Conditions were noisy but
printing was very good.  


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