[pskmail] Re: Connection problems on 10146 Dial

  • From: Dave Passey <moleonacid@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 16:28:28 +0200

Hi Franco,

I have had similar problems to you.  I tried two different laptops,
bot running Windows XP.  I could sometimes connect to a server, but
not for long before the link always deteriorated to the point that it

I have found that it is relatively straightforward to download the
server live linux CD and then install the java client.  The easiest
way is to download the Sun Java VM from the Sun website, rather than
use the puppy linux java package (whic seems to cause problems).  The
pskmail Java client can be installed as a package.  This setup worked
flawlesly for me as it seems that fldigi is already set up in a way
that works well.  It might give you a starting point for comparison.
I wish that it was possible to export the settings from the linux
client so that I could import them under windows!

Dave F/M0MYA/P

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Franco,
> I was following your connect to SM0RWO... Unfortunately conditions are
> far below average at the moment, I could hear your signal VERY weak...
> I think it is ok to use the PSK500R mode, which is default on 10147.
> If the signal is too weak pskmail will automatically go to a lower speed mode.
> It is normal when upload and download have different speeds. The only problems
> occur when the signal is so weak that the RSID is not decoded.
> You also have to experiment a bit with the signal levels in fldigi, for some 
> modes
> this is critical. Anyway, it looks like your client is now configured
> in the right way.
> For beacons etc. use PSK500R as default mode. All servers listen in
> PSK500R on 10147. So when they miss an RSID there is no problem.
> 73,
> Rein Pa0R
>>Il 20/08/2010 02:30, John Douyere ha scritto:
>>> 1. The mode change seems to be happening as it should, since I can see
>>> in the log below that some requests were made in PSK250R and others in
>>> PSK500R.
>>> When you change the mode in pskmail, it does not change the mode in
>>> Fldigi immediately. The mode change in Fldigi happens just before the
>>> connect request (in fact just before any transmission).
>>There is some my mistake:
>>Under Menu Mode I see Set Server Mode and a list of modes
>>If I set a mode (for example MFSK32) Fldigi change to this mode but at
>>TX time it change to mode set under Server Mode
>>If I set Server Mode to MFSK32, Fldigi change to this mode and trasmit
>>in this mode. But server response (see SM0RWO log al 13.21 of today) is
>>in PSK500R and Fldigi don't decode the answer.
>>What are steps for send my ping/beacon/connection request in MFSK32 and
>>have answer from server changing rx mode, if needed?
>>> For connections to SM0RWO you may start with a more robust mode and
>>> let the server adjust it upwards automatically. Here is the list of
>>This is results for my test with SM0RWO
>>- set RxID and unset TxID on Fldigi
>>- set Server Mode to MFSK32 on my client
>>- set mode to MFSK32 and Fldigi show this mode in status bar
>>- connect SM0RWO
>>And I have my first (partial) PSKMail QSO in Thor22 mode.
>>Not so bad!
>>Now I wait Roberto answer. My RX of SM0RWO is not so good.
>>Franco Spinelli

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