[pskmail] Re: Connection problems on 10146 Dial

  • From: Peter Olsen <petero@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 19:25:21 +0200

On 2010-09-09 21:19, Franco Spinelli wrote:
Il 25/08/2010 11:55, Roberto IS0GRB ha scritto:
Hi John and Franco.
IS0GRB-3 server now is updated to 1.0.20 and seems to be ok.
Franco can you try again?
Many thanks

Hi Roberto

My RTX is returned from service.
Today I have a QSO with SM0RWO in PSK500R with some error and retry but I was able to get a test page from WEB

After this I make a call to IS0GRB-3, as in this line of IS0GRB-3 log from WEB

RX (2010-09-09 19:08Z): CT qiiASP eieti Pfiie'}uHiuxaR ortonpR o<SOH>00cIW2DHW:1024 IS0GRB-3:24 839D7<EOT>

No replay to connection request.
Same at 19:15Z

There is some other problems?


Franco Spinelli

Dear all+Roberto

It seems that I can confirm the above observation on IS0GRB-3 (repeated 13. September). I can see my packets correctly received at IS0GRB-3 thanks to www.pskmail.it, but IS0GRB-3 does not transmit any response, neither to ping, beacon nor connect requests. My signal is weak though, as I can often also see "damaged" packets (I am using 5 Watts).

Although based on limited experience, I would expect that this is a server-side problem and maybe it is specific to the IS0GRB-3 installation - or it could be a problem related simply to weak signals/QRM if the printed log on www.pskmail.it does not tell us the whole story - e.g. we cannot see the signal quality (or mode) indicators reported by fldigi to the pskmail server application software.

IS0GRB-3 is actually the only server on 10147Khz I can hear at my home QTH here in Copenhagen, probably due to skip distances. Only occasionally can I work SM0RWO. I have never heard PI4TUE. On 10148KHz I can hear and work several servers, although at the smaller bandwidth of the PSK250 mode. But apparently only servers at least 800 Km away from me.

best regards,
Peter, OZ1QT

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