[pskmail] Connecting within one minute

  • From: Christian Wagner <wagnerschristian@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 12:17:35 -1000

Hi all, 
currently I'm writing from Moorea. All is well aboard. Tonight we will be on 
our way to Huahine.
So far I haven't been able to connect to any server while being in French 
Polynesia, but I have to say that sometimes, there is more important than email 
aboard (sightseeing, repairing Diesel engines, enjoying life- you name it) ;-). 
But I keep trying to test pskmail as much as possible. 
One of the Problems I encounter is that it is virtually impossible to connect 
to a server in THOR22 when it is on the frequency for only one Minute. Somehow 
in THOR the client thinks that the channel is busy even if it's not and won't 
send a connect request. Often the connect request is delayed two or three 
minutes. Of course, by then, the server is already scanning other frequencies 
and is not on my frequency anymore. From about 10 connection requests only one 
really goes through at the right time. Very frustrating at times. With "my" old 
server - KB2PNM - it was much easier because he was on 20 Meters for 3 Minutes 
(!). Within this timespan the problem almost never occurred.
The detection of a busy channel works much better in PSK modes, there the delay 
is often just a couple of seconds. Would it be possible to just shut off the 
"busy detection feature" in the client? It would be so much easier to connect 
and it doesn't work reliable anyways. The human ear works better detecting a 
busy channel anyways.

Happy hacking,

Christian Wagner <wagnerschristian@xxxxxxxxx>

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