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  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 22:40:20 +0100

>When i try to connect to the ve7sun server, should i
>be using "link to server" command (ctrl-L) or just a
>Also, when i actually did connect for a moment to ve7sun,
>it said something like "Hi WN1Z ... you need to update your
>record" or similar.  How do i update my info?  On the web?

I will try to explain....

PSKmail uses two different modes:

* Connected mode
This is for getting and sending email, reading web pages and sending your 
position per email to findu.com.
Connected mode uses ARQ, and the system will repeat everything that 
gets lost on the channel.

* Unproto mode
This is for sending beacons, APRS messages and one-line APRS emails.
This is NO ARQ mode, so nothing gets repeated. The server will give you 
a response so you will know if your message has got through.
In case of a posit beacon the server sends a 'QSL'.

Because on HF the footprint of the server can be VERY large (see my use of 
on a daily basis from Spain). I have introduced the concept of 'linking'.
E.g. the server will only send APRS messages to HF stations that are linked.
To link you can send a link message to a certain server or connect to a certain 
A link message is sent by ctrl-L and the server will answer. When you link to 
a certain server this will tell other servers via internet to drop the link. 
This way you 
can be linked to only 1 server at a time. This also happens if you Connect to a 
For beacons linking will not be necessary in the next version of the server.

* How do i update my info?  On the web?
* Yes... The server is supposed to look for a central record if it has none.

* Or, you can send your data to any server in connected mode. For this 
use the edit->mail options dialogue and after that the edit->update server 
button. The info is sent compressed. The server will tell you "updated record 
for CALL".
This saves time at the server when you call next time.

Hope this helps...

Rein PA0R


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