[pskmail] Conference notes

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 20:07:53 +0200

Hi all,

These are by no means complete notes from today's skype conference but a few of the notable things I wrote down.

Topic #1: Fldigi or not (version one or two of the client)

We discussed this quite some time. There are clear advantages to putting everything in one package and not use fldigi at all in the client. At the same time there are also clear disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of the version two client are that we can make sure the modem is stable and does not crash and its easier to install. Disadvantages are for instance more work when having to port stuff from fldigi to java and an increased demand for support as we also have to help people set up the modem part with sound devices, ptt etc.

Fldigi is now much more stable than what it was during summer, some stray crashes may still occur but much, much less so.

In the end the meeting wanted the version one approach using fldigi so it was decided to go that path.

Topic #2: Stable system and/or development

Rein figured the system was feature complete now.
So, now it's time to create a stable version of the complete system. That means a stable version of everything: client, server, installers, documentation and web sites.

We are now in a feature freeze phase. No more features should be added now, only bug fixes.
The aim should be to release a stable system by March next year.

SM0RWO will set up a to do list with work to be done to achieve a stable state (will do).

Stable also includes all documentation and web sites, wiki to be started over in some way (possibly renamed development, classic or something and a new wiki started).

Topic #3: Chat.pl

This "server server" talks to the servers and the script needs to be made available and documented. Rein will put it on the subversion server.

Topic #4: Windows

Many users use this thing, I think it's almost like an operating system (kidding ;-)). Not all developers and testers use windows, so we need someone to test and work with the Windows releases. Klaus volunteered to make sure the windows versions work better.

Topic #5: frequencies

Some will want to use wider modes (< 3 kHz wide). This was discussed and I think we decided to have certain wide mode frequencies (lots of discussion there). Lets say 14.111 is set up as a wide mode channel, then the wide modes may be used there. VHF was also mentioned but that is a less risky thing in my humble opinion.

Topic #6: modes

Related to the topic above, there have been development of new multi carrier modes. We should decide how and if we want to use these modes. The modes are very fast and good but the down side is that the RSID hit a limit and the standard way to use it now is to do a double RSID. That double RSID takes time and messes with the ARQ timing we need. So, there is a patched fldigi that replaces some other mode ID with the multicarrier modes and that is usable for pskmail arq. We need to decide if and how we want to use this. The modes are great but we cant use standard fldigi as that uses that double RSID so we need to use a patched version. This means users will have to compile fldigi and that is very easy thing to do but can be a frightening requirement for some.

It was decided to use the following two weeks to evaluate the multi carrier modes as much as possible. A new conference in two weeks will discuss the experiences form that test period and make some wise decision :).

Topic #7:

Client installers are now made using installjammer. That project is dead and has been dead for a year or so. It still works fine but is unsupported and that may cause issues with new operating system versions. SM0RWO has created an installer using izPack and we should move to that as it is a live and supported project. izPack is made in java so to run it (and the client) the user needs to install that.

Next on line conference is to be held the 13th of October at 1600 UTC.

Participants: Pse excuse and correct any mistakes I have made withing these notes.

73, Per

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