[pskmail] Re: Compilation failure

  • From: "Luck" <luck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 10:50:40 -0500


First, I want to thank you. Apparently, I've been out of the ham radio side of things for too many years. Left to the devices of the so-called "professional" types, I find them far too assuming of their customers' skillsets.

You, on the other hand, are obviously willing to assume nothing and to tell people exactly what to do. And how. Thank you for that; it's refreshing.

I ran the little perl script and indeed it proclaims "ok".

The arq.pm file is located in my /mail folder.

3. Are the priorities of the ~/mail directory set properly? The tie tries to get read/write access to the file.

I have run chmod 0777 on the contents of the mail folder...

.... but

here I see a problem. When I do a ls -la *.* I now see a file that I hadn't seen before. Two, actually.

And I see that the permissions and group are different. Try as I may, I can't figure out how to make the permissions to be readwriteexecute for everybody. Here's what shows for .arq_memreceive.dbm*

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12288 Aug 27 10:21

Notice that it's the only file with a "root" notation and that chmod +x doesn't work and neither does chmod 0777, even though I am logged in as root

Suggestions please?  I think we're getting close...

Oh, and running ./psk_arq.pl provides me with a resounding "no config file" and "compilation failed in require at ./psk_arq.p line 35

73 de Luck, KY1T
Lincoln Nebraska

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