[pskmail] Can't get it running

  • From: Marcel André <marcel-andre@xxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 18:21:20 +0200

Because of wrong subscription here again after freelist,org accepted my email 
after 4h ... :-)

Hi team.

First of all: Great job! Respect.
The idea is good and we although thought about running a server in our ham 
radio technical group.

But we are really struggling ... We are a group of 5 hams with good technical 
background in radio and computers but couldn't managed it within  A LOT OF 
So we are a small step before final frustration.

We tried first with version "2.0.3" from the download page and using Win7 
64bit. 1 om got something in the waterfall, others not. After downloading 64bit 
versions of RXTX jar/dll we got audio but only with the first start on a 
machine. All other start result in something like "no access to PCM..." No Tx 
audio at all.
Ptt isn't working at all. Later we found the hint to install Hamlib. Done 
(W32), but no change (no more error messages, the trx can be controlled a 
bit....). No Ptt with hardware Ptt. We use and FT232 from FTDI with DTR and 
optocoupler working fine with hamradiodeluxe or fldigi. What's wrong?
Also sometimes the program can't be started... Missing something tells the java 
in the dos box...
Another om tried with the Linux ISO. Here also only the first program start 
worked (program start, still no features like sound working) and also he could 
crash the Linux system. Crazy.

Totally frustrated I installed the android version. Some more success. Beacon 
ok, connect ok... But although I several times send my email data and have set 
an session password and resetting with RESETRECORD (using SM0... As server) I 
managed to sent an email but can't read. I get the error "authentication 
failed... Set password?" No tip from the internet solved so far... 

Gents...  An open comment: that's far away from mass usage. So the number of 
users won't increase. That should be no personal blame, of corse! Yes, we are 
willing to learn, analyse etc. We are no power plug amateurs  And we really 
honor the development done! But all systems behave different and not all is 
logical also after reading the manuals 3 times.

Again: we want to support the project and originally planned an introduction as 
a course/training on our local ham radio flee market / ham meeting. 
But we need support for a "break through"...
Problem fields finally:
- sound
- Ptt
- passwords

Thanks a lot

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Marcel André

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