[pskmail] Beta testing PSKmail 1.0

  • From: Rein Couperus <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, digitalradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 10:44:02 +0100 (CET)

Beta tests are under way for PSKmail 1.0
This new release takes PSKmail to its next logical step.
The  PSKmail 1.0 digital communication system  is largely mode-independent. 
Both uplink- and downlink modes are separately adapted to fit he channel 
conditions in such a way that efficient use of the channel is guaranteed.
In the PSKmail client/server system, the server controls timing and Rx/Tx 
modes. To enable this, fldigi has been extended by VK2ETA to report avarage 
Signal to Noise ratio values and Mode changes during a session.
The PSKmail protocol was extended to carry SNR values and mode indexes. Using 
this information the server can control the modes so that on both sides of the 
communications link the number of ARQ repeats is kept within certain limits. 
The system uses PSK500, PSK500R, PSK250, MFSK32, THOR22, MFSK16 and THOR8, and 
a mode is shifted up and down the table when appropriate. 

Intelligent RSID control
The PSKmail server also controls the RSID function on client and server. When 
idle, the server usesRxID. As soon as a session is established, the server 
closes RxID and uses TxID to make sure theclient is listening in the right 
mode. This is only necessary when a mode change is involved, so normally no 
time is lost on unnecessary RSID frames... 

Limiting repeats to loose less time...
As soon as more than one ARQ repeat is necessary the server degrades the mode 
by one step, to make sure the client gets the next one correct. 
The server constantly monitors the channel quality both ways, and also uses ARQ 
success to decide on mode upgrades.
Using this system allows fast and flexible response to QRM like ALE sounding or 
Pactor connect requests trying to take over the channel while a session is in 
progress. The system just waits until the ordeal is over and carries on with 
the session...

 Using new Fldigi-3.20
PSKmail 1.0 only works with Fldigi-3.20, which has the new support features for 
PSKmail built in.
A client upgrade to jPSKmail (beta) is also necessary, and the server 
version with the new goodies built in is pskmail_server-1.0 (at the moment 
The new client beta is available for experimenting and beta testing on 
http://hermes.esrac.ele.tue.nl/pskmail ,
SM0RWO has provided installers for windoze, Linux and Mac. 
The server test software runs on PI4TUE, SM0RWO and IS0GRB-3 on 10147.0 kHz 
(center frequency).
The new server image can be found on 
Fldigi-3.20 can be found on http://www.w1hkj.com/beta 

New parameter for fldigi
To use PSKmail 1.0 a new parameter has to be set in 
Set 'Report ARQ frames average S/N'.
Set both the initial server and client modes to the PSK500R default to start 
 If a connect is not possible you could try MFSK32 or MFSK16 to call the 
Once the session is established, both modes will change to fit channel 

After beta testing, the client will get version jPSKmail 0.5, commemorating the 
first PSKmail email exchange between KH6TY and PA0R, from a parking lot near le 
Havre, France, now 5 years ago!! 

I hope you have as much fun testing this as I had... 

73, Rein PA0R


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