[pskmail] Re: Beta test version of java pskmail client, version 0.3

  • From: ve7cus@xxxxxxx
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 13:13:12 -0700

I now have a new error using 0.3 on OS X.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/ GroupLayout$Group

Darrel, VE7CUS

On 20-Mar-09, at 2:50 PM, Per Crusefalk wrote:

Here is a new and very much improved version of the java pskmail client!

This client has been tested under linux and windows using java 1.6.
The client is not so limited any more, almost all the functions are
really in there. But, just to keep me and Rein busy for a while longer
there are a few things missing:
* Compressed transfer of email
* reception of AIC Fleet codes (pskmail FEC format)
* File upload

However, all the rest is in there:

APRS functions
       Send APRS Posit
       Send APRS message
       Send APRS email
       Send ping
       Send Link packet to server
       Receive APRS message
       Receive short email on APRS
       Set APRS Icon
       Set Beacon Period (10, 30, 60)
       Set APRS status message
       GPS connection (RS232 and USB)
               Show position, course and speed

Bulletin receive
Receive weather (or other) bulletins automatically and store them.

ARQ (Connected mode) functions
       Upload of user email settings to a server
       Create new emails and send them
       List, read and delete emails at your regular email account
       List, read and delete emails locally at the server
       List file area on the server
       Download files from the server to the client
       Read files on the client
       Update files on the client (download)

       Get info from the web
           Fetch any web page (text only)
       Fetch information from the web:
        Nearest Tide Reference Harbors (based on GPS position)
               Tidal information for your reference harbor
               List of APRS stations near you
               List of APRS messages to you (from findu.com)
               Get parking sites for RV near you (EU only)
               Get frequency/mode schedule for list of pskmail servers

The archive contains a quick start guide/brief manual describing how to
operate the client.

Download is now at:

and will be here any second now:

Installation in windows XP:
* install fldigi 3.10, get it running (http://www.w1hkj.com)
* unzip the pskmail_0_3.zip archive, enter the new directory, double
click the program icon (javapskmail.jar).
* done.

In conclusion I'd like to say thanks to Rein Couperus for the great
cooperation we have had on this. Its been hard work but lots of fun too.
Hope you'll have as fun using it as we had building!

Beta testers are encouraged to report their impressions and suggestions
so that we can continue to improve the client.



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