[pskmail] Beacon

  • From: radioral@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:04:06 -0400


 Thanks for the info on the beacon. I will listen for it this weekend
and if I hear it I will attempt to send a position report.  28K
downloads do move slow. I am in a rural farm area here. Lots of room
for antennas but the internet service is poor. I would have to go to a
sattelite link to get faster service!

 Slow speed is not a problem though. I am very patient!  I am playing
with getting sound going on a few of my old laptops here using  your
Live Distro Client CD . Thinkpad 600, 600E and 600X-  The PSKMAIL
Client L:ive CD works great on the 600X but no sound on the 600 or
600E. I am doing a lot of reading and this is a fairly common problem.
Linux does not identify the sound card correctly and the right driver
must be selected. This is going to take me some time as before last
week I had never really used Linux- I also have a few Newer Dell PC's
to work with (The Live Distro for client works great on all of them)
but I really want to get PSKMAil working on my laptops.

 I will keep trying and I would be glad to suggest things that are not
needed on the CD as soon as I try it and then understand Linux well
enough to do so.

 Still having fun and wanting to use PSKMAIL is helping me keep
motivated enough to learn Linux. I will get it!

 73 Bob WD8QLY

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